In the course of doing ministry over the years, I have encountered some shocking realities in ministry. By shocking reality, I mean things that others may not observe or believe about ministry but only the pastor involved.

The following are some shocking realities in ministry.

  1. A large assemblage or gathering of people may not necessarily translate into large income for a ministry.
    For instance, I was in a service with over 200 people in attendance and the offering received was about N4,120.
  2. Before you start a ministry, so many people will urge you to start and even promise to give you money and become your members. However, when you finally start, the same people will be nowhere to be found. They won’t become members neither will they give money.
  3. A lot of people that are ‘submitting’ to you when they are small, may not necessarily be submitting to you in the true sense of the word but they’re just using you to mark time until they grow and move on to that big name that was originally in their heart or mind.
  4. In most instances, your family members and friends are the last to believe in you or become your members. You can beg your siblings to come and become ministers in your ministry but they’ll likely reject and prefer to be anything else in another ministry.
  5. In most instances, your family members and friends that are in your ministry are likely to be the greatest rebels in your ministry.
  6. People that were not close when they were in your ministry suddenly bond and become best of friends after they leave your ministry.
  7. Most members in your Church have more than one pastor. You’re likely not the only pastor or Prophet that they have.
  8. A vast majority of members in your ministry belong to more than one ministry. Quite a lot belong to a Church and a Prayer Fellowship or Ministry.
  9. It is the people you help the most that will attack, betray, castigate, malign and vilify you the most.
  10. When people leave the Church, they do everything within their power not to leave alone. They want to practically see the Church empty or close totally.
  11. A large percentage of people don’t speak well of a ministry and the leader when they leave inspite of all the good things they benefited from that ministry in the past.
  12. A lot of people rendering service in Church are actually into eye service and lip service. They speak well of you in your presence, genuflect, bow, kneel or prostate when greeting you but you’ll be shocked to hear the things they say about you behind.
  13. What people tolerate elsewhere without having any issue, they make a mountain out of a molehill in Church over same issue. For instance, people don’t feel bad signing a visitors form to see a doctor, lawyer or government official but get offended if you ask them to fill a visitors form (for administrative purpose) in order to see the pastor.
  14. A lot of people want you to sacrifice your time, money, skills and resources in general for them but they’re not ready to reciprocate same for you.
  15. A lot of people are angry and upset when a Pastor begins to enjoy the good things of life like good houses, cars, jets, holidays, etc but they don’t mind if any other person enjoys same.

Conclusively, as a minister, when you observe and discover the aforementioned, do the following:

  • Encourage yourself in the Lord.
  • Look up to the God that called you.
  • Put your trust in God at all times and not in man.
  • Prepare your heart for the worst at any time in ministry.
  • Let no situation, occurrence or happenstance take you by surprise at any time.
  • Build emotional capacity.
  • Learn to forgive.
  • Develop think skin.

Mfon Udoema

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