TEXT: JOB: 9:10


Wonder’s are the marvel we get when the mighty act of God defiles man’s ideologies.
Wonders is an event that causes astonishment, excitement and amazement beyond human emotions. Wonders is Amy occurance that triggers a feeling of remarkable and extra ordinary phycological expression that beats human imagination.

  1. You must be spiritually minded.
    Wonders are the signature of the spirit. Romans 8:6

Your life is void of wonders because you are not spiritual. Wonders are spiritual realities that became physical occurances. The wonders of God are first spiritually decerned. Spiritually you must see it, before you manifest it.

What you call wonders in the physical is what we call spiritual realities in the spiritual. It is your spiritual mindset that sets you up for a wonderful life. Until spiritual things take presidence in your life, wonders will be scarce in your life. We know your carnality and spirituality in your activity. Your activity explains your carnality. Wonder’s are the accompanied works of God, when you seek him first.

You are not spiritual when your activity doesn’t reveal how you treat God. The Wonders of God are in the life of men who priotize God. Spirituality is the intensity of divinity around your humanity. Always desire to love God more.

  1. Through our Faith.
    Faith is a major key to work in God’s wonder’s Acts 6:8
    It is not possible to be a man of faith and lack wonders.

Every light you see out of scripture fuels your faith, when your faith is charged, wonders flows. Faith therefore is confidence in God and his word. It takes the supernatural life to subdue things on earth.1Timothy 3:9, Matthew 15:22-28

God is faith and faith is God. To operate in faith is to operate in the wonders of God. Faith is the determinant of the wonders of God in the life of a believer. Romans 3:3

Faith brings the wonders of God on your situation Daniel 2:28
Faith is entering the spiritual and taking hold of the invisible and making it visible. When eternity collides with time, time is evaporated. The working of miracles was activated by the hearing of faith. Faith is acceptance of scriptural responsibility.

  1. You must traffic in depth.
    If you are not deep, you will never have wonders Psalm 107:23
    You will never see the wonders of God in any dimension of your life if you’re not deep. The wonders of God are in his glory, you will be blanketed with his wonders.

There are three levels of commitment

  1. Commitment of relationship
  2. Commitment of fellowship
  3. Commitment of intercession.
  4. Commitment of sacrifice

Anytime you see deep men, you will see this commitments in their lives.
Your commitment is not complete until we see this commitments.

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