MESSAGE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding the necessity for the rain of revival


  1. In fulfilment of the promise of Scripture (Lev. 26:3-4; Jer. 5:24)
  2. For the observation of the seasons of life (Jer. 5:24)
    It is not correct to only know the dry or winter seasons of life
    There are those who say the age of miracles is past because they are in a dry season
  3. For the softening of the ground (Jer. 14:4)
    Every time there is no rain, you labour on hard grounds
    You bleed and struggle for years when the ground is hard because there is no rain
    The effort you are using on hard ground which is producing minimal result, if you use that effort on soft ground, you will produce results that will amaze your world
  4. For the opening of the Heaven on land (Gen. 7:11-12; Deut. 28:12; Matt. 6:9-10)
    The season of rain is the season of open heavens
    It is the season of the visitation of heaven on the earth
    In the climate of heaven, healings and deliverances become natural
  5. For the changing of the climates of our lives and assignments
    The atmosphere around you needs to change
  6. For the reward of labour (Jer. 5:24; Isa. 55:10)
    This is so that when you sow seed the harvest can be seen
    When the rain has softened the ground, seed can produce harvest
    When you carry the rain, by His mercies, seed will rapidly produce harvest.
    For the seed to bud and for the harvest to happen, we need the rain.
    For healings to happen without a word, we need the rain.
  7. For the injection of life into the earth (Isa. 55:10)
    When the rain falls, everything comes alive.
    If the rain falls as we expect it to fall, life!
    When we don’t have life, we replace reality with plasticity.
  8. For the generation of the flood of judgment on the adversary (Gen. 7:11; John 7:38 Nahum 1:8; 2:6)
    The flood is for the judgment of anything that is anti-God
    We are the generation that God will use to judge the adversary
    This flood will drown Elymas the sorcerer, drown Herod and drown Pharaoh.
    When the rain falls, the impact on the rivers is massive which turns into floods and cause colossal damage


  1. Know the timing of the rain (Zech. 10:1)
  2. Pray when it is time for the rain (Zech. 10:1)

Father, I take authority over every power of hell that is keeping what is mine, in Jesus’ Name! (Matt. 16:19)

Father, tonight, on this mountain I recover what the enemy took from me. I ask for a restoration/recovery of all that the enemy took from me, in Jesus’ Name. (Mark 10:47-51)

Father, I ask tonight that You send my Word of restoration and recovery; I receive it tonight, in Jesus’ Name. (Ps. 107: 20)

Father, I ask for the rain of revival on my life, family, assignment, city, nation and generation; a fresh wave of revival, I receive that rain now, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, thank You for answered prayers, in Jesus’ Name (John 14:14)


  • God will visit you in ways that will amaze you!
  • On your return to that country where you came from, you will experience revival rain from the country where you came from!

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