Mike Murdock preached his first public sermon in his father’s ministry at the age of 8. He went into full-time ministry at the age of 20.

Oral Roberts was 18 when he delivered his first public sermon.

Roberts Liardon said he wrote “God’s Generals” in his twenties, after he had an encounter with Jesus in a vision at the age of 12. As a minister, I know you must have come across those history books. Isn’t it suprising that a young man wrote those powerful history books?

Chris Oyakhilome founded Christ Embassy at the age of 24. But the Man of God had been preaching before then.

Ghanian tele-evangelist, Dag Heward-Mills started the Lighthouse Chapel International before he clocked 24, while still a student in the Medical School.

Pastor Paul Enenche started Dunamis’ Church at the age of 28, although he’s been on fire for God during his University days.

Samuel began to hear God’s voice when he was very young.

At the age of 12, Jesus already knew what He came to do in this world. The teachers of the law and grey-haired men were astounded by his level of wisdom and understanding.

Joseph began to have prophetic dreams at the age of 17.

Listen, whoever told you that you are too young to be used by God has lied to you. The truth is, God wants to use you while you are still young. God is still in the business of using young people.

Sincerely, a time spent seeking God is not a wasted time, but an invested time. There is no one who honours God by following Him early, that will not be rewarded. One of Samuel’s rewards is that his words never fell to the ground.

Start your journey with God early. Early to bed, early to rise. Go through the suffering ministry requires while you are young and vibrant.

You’re not too young to heal the sick, write Christian books, raise the dead, preach the Word unadulteratedly.

Therefore, study the Word, read books and build a regimented prayer-life while you’re young. Begin your journey with God, never allow anyone despise you.

Someone who had a call upon his life, once told me that he would use his strength to chase money; and return to do God’s work when he retires. I told him that before he returns God would have replaced him with someone else.

I write to young men like me, use your strength to serve God.

Can I pray for you?

May your time not be wasted in Jesus’ name. The Lord will begin to use you to achieve His purposes on earth. And you will always remain relevant in God’s agenda all the days of your life in Jesus’ name.


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