THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 33) – Olumide Fatunsin

Debby was confused as she struggled with the Holy Spirit. The more she tried to pray, the more the Holy Spirit prompted her to forgive him. The struggle continued until the following day when the Holy Spirit reminded her how she messed up and wallowed in sin of fornication, lies, jealousy and anger. She tried to play it down until the Lord finally reminded her how she aborted her two months pregnancy after repeated warnings not to do so.

“You killed a promising child who would have been my faithful servant among the Bemba tribe in Zambia. You killed a medical doctor whose hands would have treated the sick by my power. You killed a man who would have turned your life around and given you a name better than gold and silver. You repented and I forgave you. However, your father refused to sponsor your education and you hated him for that. Your mother told you how he was sick unto death last year but you refused to call or send money to him. I gave you the power to get wealth and I can take it away from you. I gave you space to repent of your anger but you held on to your own righteousness. I used your friend to reveal the state of your heart. I’m giving you the last chance to repent and amend your ways.” Debby rose up from where she knelt and knew the Lord had warned her in a vision

She began to ask God for forgiveness and repented of her sins. She rededicated her life to Jesus Christ. She promised to forgive her father genuinely and in deed. When she knew the Lord had forgiven her, she picked her phone to call her father. Immediately her father heard her voice, he began to pray for her.

“Ha! My daughter, you finally call me today. May you rise again. May your light shine again. May your husband locate you now. May your enemies bow before you. May your desires be fulfilled. For what you have done today, I release you and bless you from my heart. How are you doing?”

Debby wept as she asked for his forgiveness and told him she had also forgiven him. Her father who was glad to hear her daughter after some years asked her to preach Jesus to him.

“My daughter, I have been seeing a man in my dreams asking me to know him better. On his hands were big holes with WORD OF GOD boldly written on his forehead. He told me to remove my rags and seek him. I don’t know who to ask except you. You refused to ask after me but I’m now ready to hear about that WORD OF GOD.”

Debby preached to him and led him to Jesus Christ. Her father’s joy knew no bounds as he rejoiced with her and promised to keep serving Jesus for the rest of his life. He promised to be following her mother to the same Pentecostal church he had vehemently kicked against for many years. When she ended the call, she promised God to let go of all the offences, including her Pastor.

Pastor Matthew had once challenged her to apologise to his wife for her unruly behaviour during one of their monthly executives’ meeting. She reluctantly apologised thinking she has every right to challenge her because of her higher educational background. She picked her phone to call Pastor Helen immediately. She wondered how she got that courage and grace to do it but the Lord told her that as many that call upon Him, he would help and sustain. Pastor Helen thanked her for her sincerity and then prayed for her releasing God’s blessings on her.

Later that evening, Debby received a phone call from Dorcas, a friend and old classmate in secondary school. She informed her about her elder brother coming to attend a conference the following week in Madrid where she resided. Dorcas later broke the news of their favourite Mathematics teacher who just passed away and shared how she made them fell in love with mathematics, especially Pythagoras theorem, Algebra and so on.

Lisa got to Pastor Helen’s office some minutes before the appointed time. She met her listening to audio Bible and jotting down on a paper. She didn’t respond to Lisa’s greeting when she entered her office. Still confused on why she didn’t attend to her, Lisa decided to wait. After she had waited for ten minutes, Pastor Helen still didn’t attend to her.

“Pastor, I have stayed here for more than ten minutes. Are you busy or should I come next time? Lisa asked but there was still no response.

Then, Lisa raised …

To be continued in Episode 34.


Olumide Fatunsin

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