The Breaker Has Gone Ahead Of You – Pastor Winner Idachaba


Pastor Winner Idachaba

Your expectation will not be cut short. You will receive your own testimonies in the name of Jesus. Keep at what you are doing. In a short while, your world will get to hear about you.

Key scripture: Micah 2:13

The Breaker Has Gone Ahead Of You

This morning, I have come to introduce and announce Jesus as the breaker. He has gone ahead to level mountains before you, and fill valleys and straighten crooked paths before you.

Isaiah 45:2-3
The gate of brass is an impenetrable gate. Nothing is permitted to go through this gate. What this means is that ordinarily, nothing good is permitted to enter your life. But this morning, the breaker of gates of brass has gone ahead of you.

We release the breaker against any gate that the enemy has positioned to hinder your life. We command every gate to shatter and break in the name of Jesus.
Today, the breaker has set you free from whatever gate of hindrance that has been in your life in the name of Jesus.

This gate could be a person, a policy or situation. And you are expected to shatter every gate.

Every city has a gate, and the people on the other side have this understanding and because of that, they put their places of worship at the entrance of cities.

This morning, every gate is shattered in Jesus name.

The breaker has also come this morning to cut in sunder the bars of iron.
That’s the goodnews I have for you this morning. The bars of resistance has been cut asunder this morning in the name of Jesus.

The Breaker Has Gone Ahead Of You

Psalms 24:7

Jesus had gone ahead of you even before you were formed. Isaiah 60:11

All you need to do is to provoke and enforce it. The Breaker has surely gone ahead of you.
After this service, God will be giving you unbelievable testimonies. How To engage The Breaker…

How To engage The Breaker…

Hebrews 1:14
Acts 12:7-8

Engage the ministry of angels…

If you want the breaker angels to work for you, you need to pray. And when you pray, command the breaker angels to work for you.The 2nd way to engage The Breaker
Jeremiah 23:29
The word is Jesus.
To get the breaker to work, you have to engage the word.
1 Peter 5:6
You need to begin to look at theWord with humility…
Recognize Jesus as the lifter up of your head…
Don’t disdain the Word, whoever God is using to speak His Word. 2 Chronicles 16:9

  1. Approach the Word with humility.
  2. You must have a perfect heart towards God. This is the second condition.

4 things that happen when The Breaker has gone ahead of you…

Isaiah 45:3

  1. God begins to open your eyes of understanding. You begin to see what others do not see.
  2. You will begin to see riches in secret places… Your eyes will be open.
  3. Your life will be open to the wealth of the gentiles.
  4. You begin to hold principal people as captives. They begin to look for you and serve you.

Thank The Breaker this morning for going ahead for you. Engage The Breaker this morning. Command angels to go ahead of you.

Demand this morning that The Breaker make every crooked path straight.

Ask The Breaker to come in in every area you want Him to come in for you.

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