Breaking the limitations in your marriage – Mama Jackie Talena

Text: John 2:1-11

When you have limitations in your marriage you can never have peace and without peace you cannot actualize the purpose of God in your life.

You can’t die early because you are married, marriage is not the reason for your existence, you are existing because God loves you. It is time to break that limit, you can’t fold your hands and allow Satan take a hold of you.

One of the most outstanding things that touched me in the this, is that Jesus did the first miracle in a marriage ceremony. For marriage to be sustain, miracles must be made available. No matter the glamour of the wedding, as long as Jesus is not involved, your marriage will be a mess. Before you complain and give up, at what point did you invite Jesus into your marriage.

  1. Have enough faith in him
    Nobody gets married with the intention of divorce, and storms in marriage. When the storms come, who do you run to? You need to understand that there is a place of seeking his face when the storms arises.

No man is strong enough to kill you, except you yourself want to die. Always seek his face in the midst of confusion.

  1. Do whatever he tells you to do.( 1peter 3:1, Ephesians 5:25)

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