MESSAGE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding why we need the power of God

It is important to note that the power of God is not for show


  1. For victory over stagnation (Acts 10:38)
    Power is needed for life and destiny to be on the move
    Power is needed to cover new grounds
    Power is needed for lifts and shifts in life
  2. For productivity and resourcefulness of life
    Power is needed for the working of all things
    Anywhere you see something not working, it is lacking in power
    Power is needed for victory over anti-productivity forces
  3. For full and maximum deployment of life’s potentials
    It is possible for potential to be available but not useable because power is unavailable
    When potential fails to manifest, the situation is called impotence.
  4. For the offering of generational answers
    This means, making generational difference
    Adding values to life and producing value on earth, you need power
    Power is not only for pastors – you don’t need a pastor to walk in power
  5. For the release of generational relief
    Relieving the pains of a generation
    Pains remain where power is lacking
  6. For the deliverance of generational captives
    It is for the breaking of generational yokes and chains
  7. For the fulfilment of purpose and life’s assignment
    In order for us to be everything we are meant to be, we need power.
    When God lays His Hands upon you, the devil also tries to lay his finger upon you
    The heavier your destiny, the heavier the confrontation, and it takes the power of God to overcome anti-destiny forces
    In order to reach your destiny you need to overcome enemy resistance, and to do that, you need power.

The Presence of God (Acts 10:38)
Whatever keeps you in the vicinity of God, keeps you in the vicinity of power
The entry point into the Presence of God is salvation.

Father, I ask for a visitation this morning, in Jesus’ Name (Acts 3:1-5)

Father, I ask for a visitation of any crippling condition in my life, family, ministry and destiny; Father, I receive strength, in Jesus’ Name (Acts 3:1-5)

Father, let Your glory transform us today, in Jesus’ Name.


  • Every dirty garment and wrong identity the enemy has forced on your life is roasted by fire!
  • Every family cycle of death that killed your father, brother or sister will not kill you!
  • Every mourning garment they have put on you and on your family is set on fire!
  • Every casket, or grave dug for you or your loved ones is set on fire!
  • Sufficient power is coming, to move your potential into realisation!
  • For as long as you are connected to this mantle, you cannot be wasted anyhow by the devil!

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