SERVICE OBJECTIVE(S): Understanding the multiplication power of the WORD

Everywhere the WORD of God arrives, increase happen. Revelation is key to multiplication. Light is a plus. God uses His WORD and His people to effect His WORD. Nothing diminishes where the WORD is; nothing dwindles around the WORD. The Word of God is central to the increase of the earth; It is central to growth and expansion of this world. Everything about this world came by the Word. Whatever must grow must have the Word at its centre


  1. The Word of God populated an empty earth at creation (Gen. 1:1-2, Isa. 45:18)
    Your life is not permitted to be empty if you are connected to WORD
  2. The Word of God produced the miracle of multiplication for the widow of Zarephath in the days of famine in Israel (1Kings 17:12-16)
  3. The Word of the LORD always brought the gathering of great multitudes (Luke 5:15, 6:17)
  4. The Word of God created man and invested man with the seed of fruitfulness and multiplication (Gen. 1:28, 5:1-3)
  5. The Word of God multiplied food for the man of God, Elisha and the people that were with him (2Kings 4:42-44)
  6. The Word of the LORD will always compel the pressure of multitudes (Luke 5:1)
    If you are Worded, you will be needed
    What other people look for, looks for a WORD people
    If you don’t want envy, forget favour from God
    Pursue God and make Him your focus and then He will make you the focus of your generation
  7. The Word of God repopulated the earth through Noah after the earth was destroyed by the flood (Gen. 9:1-3,19)
    Whatever has ended in your life, the Word of God can start it again
  8. The Word of God through Elisha produced the miracle of multiplication and increase at the gate of Samaria in the time of severe famine (2Kings 7:1-11)
    Seasons of scarcity can give way for seasons of plenty at the instance of the Word of God
  9. The Word of God occasioned discipleship multiplication in the book of Acts of the Apostles (Acts 6:7)
    You cannot be Worded and not be needed
    When you go about pursuing God you will not struggle to pursue men


  1. The Word of God carries creation power – the capacity to bring into existence things that did not exist before (Gen. 1:1-13)
  2. The Word of God carries a direct multiplication power – capacity to multiply what is already in existence but in short supply (John 2:6-11)
  3. The Word of God carries a supernatural magnetic power – it has the capacity to pull in your direction what is needed per time (Ezek. 37:1-11, Luke 5:1-5)
  4. The Word of God puts systems and structures under pressure to produce desired increase or multiplication (2Kings 7:3-9)


  1. Possess the vision of increase and multiplication out of the WORD (Gen. 13:14-15, Hab. 2:1; Eph. 3:20; Gen. 13:15)
    What you don’t see will never come. Every possession must be a creation of vision
    Your vision affects your destination and affects your possession; what man cannot see, God cannot give (Gen. 13:15)
  2. Receive the WORD of increase from the Mouth of the LORD (Job 22:22-25; Isa. 55:11)
    Trust God to give you a word out of Scripture related to what you are trusting for
    Let God show you light from His Word and once you receive that Word, you will lay up gold as dust
  3. Sow the WORD of increase and multiplication through declarations (Mark 4:14, Luke 8:11; Ezek. 37:7)
  4. Take action on the WORD for increase and multiplication (John 2:5-11, Luke 5:4-5, Matt. 11:12)
    If it doesn’t come by choice, take it by force legitimately
    Every Word that must produce results carries a responsibility (Phil. 4:16-19)
    Every time you uncover a revelation, seek out the responsibility.

Father, thank You for Your Word to us today. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.


  • By the speakings of the Word of God, the people relevant and necessary for your life will look for you!
  • Everyone called childless or fruitless, today that spell is broken!
  • Anything that has made you empty-handed, today, that spell is broken right now!
  • God will soon make men and women to look for you!
  • Any system holding what will increase you, they shall lose their peace, sleep and rest until what is yours is released into your hands!
  • Between now and the next 24hours, any system holding your loved ones in the name of kidnap, shall lose their sleep and rest until they are released!
  • Any system refusing to give you what is your due comes under pressure to release to you what is yours!

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