MY JOURNEY INTO A LIFE OF PRAYER – Evangelist Ikponmwosa Oghogho

I got born again in the year 1988 and the joy of that encounter made me feel like I should die so I can leave this world.

The joy of being with Jesus who became so real to me was too great to put away.

I did have an experience in a dream where I was allowed to see the heavenly city but the Angel with me refused my entry into the city because its wasn’t my time to be there.

The Angel said I needed to go back to earth and tell others about Jesus.

That’s when I changed my mind and decided to stay here on earth.

However, at some point in my Teenage years (1992), I was so dissatisfied with my Christian life.

I was 15 years Old and had been born again for four years.

I had received the baptism of the Holy Spirit earlier in the year 1992 but I wasn’t applying myself to spiritual things.

Soon my earlier joy of salvation began to wane as I struggled with sin on a daily basis.

Keeping thoughts free from lusts was difficult and I was almost beginning to feel I couldn’t help but sink deeply further into this sinful lifestyle.

I accidentally discovered masturbation and putting a stop to it afterwards was like asking me not to breathe.

I felt dirty and guilty when those thoughts came and each time I allowed myself to be taken over by those lascivious thoughts.

There was this girl in school that I was told by my friends liked me and in time I became attracted to her although I would not take any step because I knew it was not right.

I was pulled towards her in a way I couldn’t resist.

My spiritual life dried up completely.

I was still a church boy but I knew I was far from track and needed God to step in to help me break this evil circle.

I would walk upright for weeks but eventually I always fell back right into lustful thinking and masturbation.

In the midst of this struggle, I heard about a young boy in Edo College who after reading and meditating on Mark 11:23-24 told a tree to bend and touch the ground and the tree obeyed him in the presence of other students.

I was so challenged with this boy’s testimony that I made a decision to begin to give time to prayer.

If God could use that boy, he could use me too.

I decided to begin with 30 minutes every night before I slept.

I would check my time and decide when I will stop before beginning my prayer.

The first night was difficult. It felt so long but I eventually pulled it through.

Wow! What a victory but it was the beginning of a turn around I didn’t expect was coming.

In a few days 30 minutes became too small hence I increased it to an hour every night.

Then an hour became too small hence I increased it to 2 hours.

In a few days 2 hours became too small hence I increased it to 3 hours every night before I slept off.

I prayed in tongues for most of my prayer time.

My Family wandered why I was always praying because it wasn’t just only at night any more.

I would pray every chance I get and every where I went.

Prayer became an integral part of my life and I didn’t know I was changing.

Then I realized my thoughts were no more polluted.

I broke free from the addiction and the attraction to that girl in school which had lasted about 2 years.

Soon the healing power of God began to flow through me.

Casting out devils became a delight and my call to Ministry was made known to me with the basic information I needed then.

Deciding to give time to prayer changed me and it can change anyone.

Today I have a daily prayer target of 6 hours.

I don’t watch my clock anymore but praying always is part of my life.

I was led to share these details because someone needs it to get up and get things straightened out.

Most of what we suffer isn’t so much about the devil as it is about our refusal to take responsible steps.

God is calling us into the secret place to join in shaping our world through prayers.

We can either answer this call or continue pursuing self and other things that don’t really matter.

The time to begin is now.

Shalom Greetings!

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