Bible doctrine does not begin with man being in total depravity. It begins with man created in God’s image. That is our original value, made good again in Redemption by the blood of Jesus.

Sin robbed mankind of his original value. Christ restores us back to that value, and even much more is ahead.

If we must see ourselves as God sees us, then we must view ourselves in the light of our original created value, not in the depravity that sin locked us in.

“What is man that thou art mindful of him?…” Psalm 8:4

God is so mindful of us that He chooses to restore us to our original value, instead of leaving us to our deserved end in sin.

He has counted us worthy in Christ, and has made a way for Christ (God’s perfect express image as man) to be formed in us. He has become our portion and we have become His prize. Let us follow on to make Him our prize and thus become His portion.

Let us (diligently) make our calling and election sure!

Let us yield therefore to His astonishing love. Let us seek to know this love that passes all knowledge. With Paul, I pray that we may all be filled with the fullness of God.


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