The danger envy and strife poses to a move of the Spirit – Pst. Poju Oyemade

Many years ago, this must have been round about 20years, I stumbled on an article in the newspapers on the effect of the rise of the Pentecostal movement in Nigeria and what it holds for the future.

A particular Professor of Sociology at one of the foremost Universities in Nigeria mentioned as part of the article that he foresaw a great danger for the movement. He said it will not come from outside of it but from within.

He said the manner of growth may soon cause there to be a cluster of Churches in the same geographical space who may begin to fight among themselves for territory. He said as a Professor of Sociology which is the study of the development, structure, and functioning of human society, he felt “a competitive approach” posed the greatest danger to the movement.

Strife and envy lie at the root of wars and fights. The struggle to have dominance over others or to have the place of preeminence.

Envy is a deadly sin and like we said in our previous article men will go to any length to hide the fact that it is envy that is motivating them to do a thing. The first rebellion which was lucifer’s came as a result of envy.

He desired to be like the most high. He saw what God had and was willing to destroy sacred things simply to occupy that space in the minds of the stars of heaven. The first murder on the earth came about as a result of envy and this happened among brothers within a family and on matters that bothered on the worship of God.

This is why for a man to deny that envy is the motivating force behind an action simply because he says he is too close to the person to be envious of him should raise a red flag. Envy rarely exists among strangers. Proverbs tells us how deadly envy is.

Proverbs 27:4 “Wrath is cruel, and anger is outrageous; but who is able to stand before envy?”

Wherever you find strife and envy in the hearts of people, it will do you best to keep your distance from them for destruction and total waste are close by. These two vices manifest in a battle for material things, things visible.

The key here is protect your heart from this cancerous growth by taking time daily to pray for those playing in the same space as you reaching for the same visible goals and to thank and worship God for visible blessings upon them.

When you constantly and continuously pray upon others the very things you desire for own self, projecting goodwill towards them in your closet, two things happen.

  1. You make room for yourself in the spirit realm to receive all that God wants to get across to you. Like Job prayed for his friends and his captivity or confinement was turned around, something happens in your soul that nothing else but this type of praying can do.
  2. You discover your true identity what you alone have been set apart to do, a space where there can be no competition nor tussle.

This is the attitude going forward if we are to grow and remain healthy not acting as friends but really what is going on is spying.

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