PSALMS 91:1-12

No honest mind can read the Bible carefully without coming to the conclusion that great hosts of angels actually exist. We have the same evidence for the existence of angels, as we have for the birth and life and death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us also about the ministry of angels. It is true that the word “angel” is sometimes used figuratively in the Bible.
You may not feel the presence of angels; you may never have seen an angel; you may not hear them speak; nevertheless they exist and they exert their influence all the same. The Bible says that angels held the flaming sword that guarded the tree of life in Eden; Angels took the family of Lot to safety and smote the wicked men of Sodom with blindness; Angels drove the chariots of fire through the sky and picked up the prophet Elijah and took him to glory; Angels walked into prisons and released the apostles of the early church; Angels will blow their trumpets on that day when Jesus returns to translate the Church into His own glorious presence. The redeemed of God will enjoy the society of angels forever in Heaven. Certainly each Christian should want to know all that he can about these great and glorious beings, the angels of God.


  1. Angels are real and always obeying God’s commandments. (Psalms 34:6-7).
  2. Angels are Preservation of saints. (Psalms 91:10-12)
  3. Angels of Host are stronger than the force of evil. (Psalms 103:20).

Angels encamps around you and deliver you from evil plans of the enemy. ( Genesis 35:5, 48:15-16, Isaiah 63:9, Daniel 6:20-22, Acts 5:17-29, 12:6-9).
When you deploy Angels in your situations you will find help in the areas that seems so difficult. (Hebrews 13:1-2).


  1. They encamp around you and deliver you. (Psalms 34:1-2).
  2. They hold the saints up in their hands from stumbling. (Psalm 91:11-12)
  3. They engaged the enemy on behalf of the saints. (Daniel 6:20-22).
  4. They release strength to the saints in time of distress (Luke 22:43)
  5. They unlock the destructive prison and cage for the saints. (Acts:5:18-20, Acts 12:6-7).


  1. You must be born again. ( Hebrews 1:13) For the Lord to make your enemies thy footstool, you must be in right stand with God (Matt 18:20).
  2. Be conscious of the ministry of the angels (John 8:32), Be conscious of the presence of angels (Proverbs 11:9).
  3. Speak the Word. You must speak the God’s word at all times. (Psalm 103:20). Speak positive words, Speak in tongues. You have to speak God’s word in the midst of negativity.
  4. Avoid wrong utterances. (Ecclesiastes 5:6). Many people have made wrong utterances that has affected their lives. Avoid negative word and speak positively even in the midst of difficult time.
  5. You must stay in God’s Presence. (Psalms 91:1-11).
  6. Align with Divine plan and purpose. Always align your purpose with God’s kingdom and He will release Heavenly resources to sponsor you (Luke 22:43).
  7. Deliberately engage in committed Convenant work with God. (Genesis 32:1, Genesis 28:11-12). If you want to seek God in His might be committed to the things of God and you have to be sold out to God thereby giving your all to Him in the areas of Partnering in His kingdom, working in His tabernacle, rendering your resources to build His sanctuary, rendering help to those in need and lots more in His kingdom.




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