DATE: 1/01/2021



this month, I didn’t come to preach to you, but I came to impact on you.

I degree in the name of Jesus, you will happen to things after now

I move you from the passenger lane to the speed lane in the name of Jesus.

This month your life shall carry evidence.

In the name of Jesus,you shall be unlimited.

Eighty percent of the powers that limit men are from within a man while 20% are external

The things that limit men are more internal than External.

The first limitation to break in this service, is Mental limitation.
When your mentality is not handled, it will become your limitation.

You cannot be thinking worst and become the best. Your mindset determines your limitation or your uplifting. If you cannot see a better future, then you are mentally paralyzed.

Physical healing is the lowest level of healing, but mental healing is the highest level. You break the limit of your mind by building your imagination, good thinking faculty about your self. The imagination of man is rich. I didn’t come here to accommodate you, but I came here to relocate you.

The problem with the church is that we celebrate spirituality and forget how to think. Your spirituality and mentality gives you advantage. Proverbs 23:7, your image about yourself has to change, for as a man thinks in his heart so he is. Image is what you represent in people’s mind.( Matthew 16:13-16

It takes Devine revelation for people to know you. He who knows others is cleaver but he who knows himself is wise.

No one knows what you carry like the carrier. To break limit, you must have a good self image. (Exodus 4:10, Judges 6:11-16

God must break the limit of your self image if he must use you.

there is more to life than being smart.( Ecclesiastes 9;11

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