(Mark 16:17-18) And these signs shall follow them that believe. In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpent and if they drink any deadly thing; it shall hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.

Authority talks about the power to enforce rules or give orders. Without authority carrying out a task might not be feasible. If you consider the text clearly you observe that all signs are following the believer and not just anyone. Who then is a believer? A believer is one who believes in the death, burial and resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ, baptized in the Holy Spirit and is willing to take up the cross to follow Jesus without looking back forsaking all just to do His will. To such an individual authority has been bestowed upon.

The Holy Spirit is the custodian of God’s power. And as such every believer is expected to demonstrate power, knowing fully well that God’s kingdom and His word (the gospel) is power. It is this power that has been deposited inside a believer in order for the believer to exercise authority over demonic vices as enumerated in our text. Any believer who cannot demonstrate power is equivalent to stagnated water. If you are a believer, be confident of the fact that you are a carrier of God’s power such that as you confront any situation, the lord will work with you and confirm the word you speak with signs and wonders. When you lay hands and pray for the sick, they will pop open and your impact will be felt.

Child of God, you need to understand who you are in Christ so that you can utilize maximally all that God has deposited inside you to His glory. If you are reading this message and you are an unbeliever, it is time for you to repent, forsake your sins and believe in him so that the signs mentioned in our text shall follow you also.

Meditation: without authority carrying out a task might not be feasible.

RM: the Authority in a believer

Prayer: I henceforth exercise authority over the devil and his kingdom and take back all that the devil has stolen from me in Jesus name amen.

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