Nehemiah 6:3
And I sent messengers unto them, saying, I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down: why should the work cease, whilst I leave it, and come down to you?

Sanballat and co did everything to get the attention of Nehemiah to no avail.
They accused him of rebellion, he was not perturbed. They planted spies in his assignment, it didn’t work. They hired false prophets against him, it didn’t work. They tried to intimidate him, it didn’t work.
They hired someone to sow fear into his heart yet, it didn’t work.

What made all these devices not to work?
He had a mandate that was clear to him. He didn’t despise the wall to struggle with Ezra in building the Temple.
He had the assurance of who sent him.
He had a great heart for the people.
He was determined to succeed.
He was very content with what he had-he was neither greedy nor covetous.
He understood his task and was brutally focused on pursuing it. He didn’t go about to see if and how Ezra was building the Temple.
He had absolute faith in God.
He had a pure motive for the assignment. Etc.

In your quest to make impact on time, beware of falling prey to certain associations, situations, opportunities and helps that are traps in disguise.

Last year, two Universities sent me letters of award of honorary Doctorate degrees and I turned them down. Is it wrong to receive honorary degrees? No sir! But it’s wasn’t time for it in my ministerial calendar. I have had great opportunities to minister in mega churches and I turned them down because it was scheduled for Sunday morning. These opportunities would have boosted my ministerial profile but I knew it wasn’t time yet. (I had Covenanted not to be absent in church on a Sunday morning for the first two years of DACA except it’s for a training or observation tour but never for preaching purposes irrespective of the place and potential honorarium involved)

If what you are doing is not serious in your spirit, it will not be serious in the spirit realm, and if it’s not serious in the spirit realm, you have no authority for impact irrespective of how you pray or shout.

There are certain meetings you don’t need to attend even if it’s been held across your fence.

It’s not every trending issue on social media you need to comment about.

It’s not every story they about you that deserves your response.

There are titles you don’t need now sir because they will tie your hands from building what you have been assigned to build.

There are levels of honour you should turn down now sir because what you are doing will ridicule it. You are still building.

There are people you should not struggle to know now sir, because you are still digging foundation. They will see you later, it’s just a matter of time if you faint not.

There are circles you shouldn’t struggle to belong now, they will put you under unnecessary pressure of performance and possible lead you to despise what you are currently doing.

Life in the ministry is in phases. Don’t allow anyone use their level intimidate you into despising your level or pressure you into trying to belong. Those in five hundred levels today were once ‘JAMBITES’.

The relationships you are struggling to access now may not profit you eventually if you don’t have commensurate value sir.

Appreciate what you have and the people you have.
Focus on building yourself in other to build the work.
Keep your hands on the now while your eyes are on the outcome.

You won’t fail God!
Grace is activated for you!
I see massive help come your way in Jesus name!
See you next Monday.






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