When God calls a man He gives him men who are needed to help him fulfill God’s ordained purpose.

Jesus had such Ministry helpers. He chose 12 Apostles who left their various life pursuit to follow him.

We also saw others who ministered to Jesus with their substance.

Apostle Paul also followed the same pattern.

He had Co labourers who laboured sacrificially with him to ensure the churches he started were established.

He also had other Partners who gave to help him continue pursuit of God’s call on his life.

Both Jesus and Paul held the different groups of the gift of men dearly.

They didn’t esteem those who gave bountifully financially above those who joined them to labour sacrificially.

Unfortunately, today many of us esteem bountiful givers in our Ministries above other faithful labourers.

For example faithful intercessors who may not have much to give because of their present financial level are very important just as the bountiful givers who give sacrificially.

We should recognize that the reason that bountiful giver is giving bountifully is because the intercessor is praying fervently.

In James 2:1-9 we are told it is wrong to have respect of persons on the basis of financial capacity or status in society.

Every gift of men God sends to us are important.

We shouldn’t esteem some above others using financial capacity or status in society as a yardstick.

The faithfulness of every labourer is what counts before God and we need to begin to learn to see everyone based on how faithful they are on their assigned roles.

I pray that God will help us get these things right in Jesus name amen.

Shalom Greetings!

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