THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 27) – Olumide Fatunsin

She looked at her pitifully and confessed,
“We went for evangelism in the city center and I saw her in the company of some ladies who dressed half-naked standing in their regular spot. I approached two of them who snubbed me before I got to her.”

“My God! Are you sure? My daughter? Anne?”

Pastor Helen nodded and continued, “I noticed she was afraid and held my hands as if she wanted to pass a message across to me but one of the ladies tried to distract her. I saw it as an opportunity and quickly presented the gospel to her. She begged me to continue to pray for her.”

As Lisa sat there listening to this horrible story of her daughter, the hatred for her husband was reignited. She couldn’t fathom how her daughter found time to go to the street. Pastor Helen knew what was going on in her mind and quickly encouraged her.

“Her trembling face didn’t leave me as I continued to lift her up in prayers to God. How she recognised me showed that our meeting today is arranged by God. I hardly remember people’s faces but her trembling face that night didn’t leave me.”

“Pastor, can I call her in to reveal what really happened? My life had been shattered before and this new revelation could send me to my early grace.” Lisa said sorrowfully.

“I reject it in Jesus name. Watch your tongue, Mrs Lisa. God will take control.”

Pastor Helen went instead to call her and took Charlie to her husband’s office. Anne stood there trembling with tears.

“Anne, how did it happen?” Lisa asked calmly.

“Whenever Daddy travelled, I stayed alone with boredom and endless watching movies. To experiment what I had learnt in movies, two of my friends introduced me to a man who promised to satisfy my curiosity. During one the weekends, he took me to his house and asked me to shower before going to the cinema. I obeyed like an obedient servant and was refreshed. Before we stepped out of the house, he showed me a video.” She paused and looked at them.

“What’s in the video?” Her mother asked impatiently.

“My nakedness…”

“What! How? Did you sleep with him?”

“No Mum! He placed a secret camera in the bathroom.”

“My God! So what happened? Did he delete it?”

“He threatened to put it on the internet if I didn’t do his biddings. I burst into tears pleading with him.”

“Is he a white man?” The Pastor asked.

“Yes! He said black ladies boost their lucrative business. Pastor, that night was my first night and he had instructed one of them to keep an eye on me. Immediately you left, some guys came to pick some of them leaving me with other two ladies. The fear of not exposing my video made me to stay until a man picked me.”

Tears had already filled Lisa’s eyes while she listened to her daughter.

“Along the way, the man began to caress my thigh and talked dirty. When we got to the hotel room, he was all over me until I told him I’m a virgin. He rose up as if a high voltage ran through his body. I didn’t know what else to say than to watch him as he dressed up and gave me a large sum of money. I couldn’t believe my eyes and he left me there. I don’t know came over him but I knew it wasn’t ordinary. I left there at that time of the night and called Rafael to meet me at a designated place. He was equally surprised when we finally got home. I begged him to delete the video with a promise to do more. Without thinking twice, he deleted it. I asked to allow me to check it and he obliged.”

“He might have a backup. I don’t trust these men. My God! You went through all these? Oh God!” Lisa cried out.

Pastor Helen leaned forward to ask her,
“Did you inform your father?”

“No, he would kill me. He cared less about how I feel. He was always after money and only money.”

“Are you still doing it?” Pastor Helen asked her.

“No! He threatened to expose me again when I refused to honour our agreement. I was told he died mysteriously two days before our agreed time to finalise our deal. That’s how I was delivered and I cut off my relationship with my friends and the movies that polluted my mind.”

As Pastor Helen looked at Anne, she saw …

To be continued in Episode 28.


Olumide Fatunsin

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