THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 26) – Olumide Fatunsin

The following day ushered in a new beginning for Anne after 7 years of separation. She started bonding with her brother who was eager to share everything with her. However, Lisa couldn’t take her mind off the testimony of her friend and was afraid to ask more questions from Anne about her husband. After the dinner, Charlie and Anne were discussing the Eiffel tower in Paris when they heard their mother praying and praising God in the bedroom.

“She is talking to her new lover.” Charlie told her sister who was surprised to hear how her mother was praying fervently.

Anne remembered going to church with them then but her father never talked about God during her stay with him. His actions didn’t portray someone who had had an encounter with God before. Later that day, Debby called Lisa to rejoice with her and told her for the first time the dream she had exactly a year prior to the time Anne reunited with her mother.

“I took it upon myself to be praying for your daughter until I dreamt of a mighty ocean with a small boat on it. After closer look, I saw a young woman looking frightened and helpless. The more I whispered in prayers to God to save her, the farther the waves pushed it. Darkness later descended on the sea and I began to strain my eyes as I searched for it until a bright light shone around her and an angel rescued her. While holding her right hand, he commanded her to come towards where I stood. The young woman started counting each step until she reached 365. Lisa, I didn’t understand the dream then until this morning when the Lord made me to understand it.”

“My God! When I was still doubting him, he was working behind the scenes in my favour. Lord, I’m sorry.” Lisa confessed.

“The Lord revealed to me the importance of prayer of intercession. I stood in the gap praying for your family, especially your daughter and God answered miraculously.”

“Prayer of intercession?”

“Yes, some of us are selfish in our prayers. We only pray for ourselves and families but neglect to bring others and their needs before God. Moses interceded for the children of Israel and God delivered them. However, when he needed their help during the time he disobeyed God, no one prayed for him and he was barred from entering the promised land. We need to pray for one another and carry one another’s burdens before God.”

Lisa was deeply touched by this revelation and promised to be praying for others. She thanked Debby who promised to visit them whenever she returned. Meanwhile, Charlie looked forward to the Sunday service because of the chocolate the children teacher had promised them. Early Sunday morning, Anne dressed up in a new cloth her mother bought on the previous day and Charlie dressed in a matching colour too. Moreover, Lisa felt on top of the world when they arrived the church. She was eager to introduce them to the Pastor’s wife who had taken interest in her.

Immediately Pastor Helen saw her after the church service, Anne recognised her straightaway. Anne greeted her surreptitiously and hid behind her mother who was busy sharing the testimony of God’s goodness in her family. On a second look, Pastor Helen recognised her and asked after her salvation experience. Anne couldn’t answer straight but her mother became suspicious by the way she tried to hide behind her brother. Pastor Helen then told Anne and her brother to wait outside.

“Pastor, do you know her? Have you met before? Is everything alright?” Lisa asked impatiently.

Pastor Helen hesitated to reveal the truth but changed her mind.

“It’s my pleasure to meet your daughter. God works in mysterious ways and has a way of proving His faithfulness to anyone who calls upon him.”

Lisa wasn’t convinced but asked her to tell her the truth.

“I saw her somewhere and preached the gospel to her. God is good.”

“Where Pastor? Please, tell me the truth…” Lisa asked with eyes begging for an immediate answer.

She looked at her pitifully and confessed,
“We went for evangelism in the city center and I saw her …

To be continued in Episode 27.


Olumide Fatunsin

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