Book Challenge: Life’s Challenges Your Opportunities – John Hagee [Lesson 8]


1. Your problems will never be greater than God’s power, for with God nothing will be impossible. The secret of solving  every problem is locked in the word temperance. Temperance is moderating one’s desire in obedience to the word of God.

2. Life is not doing what you want. Life is doing what you must. To do what you must and do it well requires temperance and self control. Do you have it? Without it you will live all your life perpetually in the problem.

3. Every victory has stages of action before triumph prevails. Whatever choices you make or solutions you discover to solving your problem, you will need temperance to achieve your provision.

4. As a Christian, you are expected to demonstrate discipline in your appetites, your passion, your affection, your thought life, your attitude, your speech, your conduct, your habits, your desires, your companionships, and your amusements. Do you lack self – control in any of these areas? If the answer is yes, you are a time bomb that will explode, shattering your life and the lives of your precious family and friends.

5. You are a soldier in the army of the living God; act like it, think like it, talk like it, and fight like it. If you want to succeed, you must erase any doubts you have. You must embrace the fact that God is on your side, and if God is on your side, you are destined for victory.

“It is easier for man to control the universe than to control himself ” – John Hagee

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