TEXT: MATTHEW 17:19-20


God is everywhere but he doesn’t meet people everywhere. There are places where he encounters people, and that is in the place of fasting and prayer. It is in your pursuit for encounter, that God reveals himself to man. God hides himself in light until you discover him.

Encounter is a spiritual state and posture that gives a man access to God and all that He has. Encounter gives you a customize dealings with God for a spiritual foundation to accommodate ur greatness. Encounter is not possible, without the gate of fasting and prayer.

There is a kind of mountain that only answers to fasting and prayer, to avoid fasting and prayer is to be buried by the battles of life . Fasting is a kind of bodily sacrifice and anytime God sees sacrifice, fire must fall. The flesh has appetite for pleasure, comfort, sex, etc. Fasting helps you reduce the volume of the flesh and increases the volume of the spirit.

In fasting the ability of the flesh to control you is lost. You cannot beat the flesh, if you don’t fast. Once you are in the flesh and you are in crisis your approach will be dat of d flesh. Fasting builds your spiritual capacity. Your spirit becomes attentive to spiritual signals.

In fasting you starve your flesh and feed your spirit. In fasting you generate spiritual weight and overcome satanic agenda. Fasting without prayer isn’t enough, so you must add prayer.
When you fast and don’t pray, is like talking and not making sense. Prayer is what gives meaning to fasting. Prayer is agreement with God on how your should be like. Fasting downloads God, while prayer opens you up to what God has already given you. Fasting and prayer is like America & Russia coming together to fight Ghana. Prayer assists us to align ourselves to the thought of God. The law of economy says that when demand is high supply becomes low, but the law of the spirit says when demand is high, supply is also high.

When you pray more you receive more.
It is what you ask you get.( Mark 11:23
In prayer, we don’t reduce mountains, we remove mountains. Lack of prayer is lack of power. In prayer we have power with both God and men.


Fasting and prayer acknowledges the almightiness of God. We commit our life to the care of God. We propose the life of koinonia with God. We impose the will of God in our lives. It helps us to stay within the parameters of God’s plan in our life. It increases our spiritual temperature.


1 It releases the presence of God upon our life. (Exodus 33:13-14
It eliminates struggle in our life.
His presence evaporates stress (19:18
In the place of fasting and prayer, you carry the manifest presence of God in our lives.
2 you provoke the reward of God.
Reward is more than answer of prayer.
Reward is stronger than salary.
A reward is a gift bestowed in recognition of your service.
Reward is greater than effort.
3 it announces the fatherhood of God on your life.
In prayer, God is a father.
4 in fasting and prayer we calm the storms of life. (James 5:17
Anybody that is offended is prayer less.
5 fasting and prayer gives us deliverance of the mind.
When your mind catches this light, you are set free.
Your mind determines your result. (Jeremiah 6:19.
Your mind has fruit.
As long as you accept to be small, you can never be large.
Nothing becomes a reality, until your mind accommodates it.
It is only what God gives you that you are permitted to have.
The ability of God is expressed in our thinking.( Joshua 1:8
The scriptures are saturated with possibilities.
To make your thought pattern a possibility, you must think scripturally. Matthew 1:20
Your thoughts causes angels or demons to appear.
Whatever you think in your mind is what God gives you.

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