Hebrews 5:4.
According to the above scriptures, no one can call himself into ministry. There is honour awaiting anyone that is called of God.
But beyond the honour, is a price only few can afford.
Sometimes, we see the Honour but we forget the Horrors.
We see the glory but forget there is a story.
Before you jump into the calling as a result of the Honour you see on Men of God, never forget these 8 hard realities no one will tell you about.

  1. Your being a Founder means you will always be at the battlefield all the days of your life.

There will be no time to stay away from the battlefield. Any branch Pastor can live anyhow but not as a Founder. You are the Commander General of Warfare.

  1. Your being a Founder will take away everything you have saved or achieved for the ministry to be established.

99 percent of Founders started from the scratch. I see some Pastors having 2 cars and they are believing God for money to pay for a hall to start ministry. How can a vision that doesn’t move you to give, move anyone to give?

  1. Your being a Founder will put you in a position where everything you own belongs to the Kingdom and goes back to the Kingdom. Infact, your money and life is no longer yours. They all belong to the kingdom. You can have ten million today and by tomorrow you are believing God for one million to pay your house rent. Because the ten million went for crusade equipment.
  2. Your being a Founder will mean always having a vision and a dream to accomplish with little or no resources to accomplish it within the time you want to accomplish it. You will always need to exercise your Faith for Finance. If God gives you all the finance at once, your faith will have nothing to believe God for. The Just must continuously to live by faith.
    If you read Exodus 23:30, you will understand God doesn’t do His work at once, it must be little by little until it is accomplished completely.
  3. Your being a Founder will make people expect so much from you, even when you need help yourself.
    You can’t speak fear.
    You can’t speak defeat.
    You can’t speak problem.
    Those who don’t understand the language of the Kingdom will think it is rosy and perfect with you.
  4. Your being a Founder will put you in a very dangerous position of always having to take the blame when the ministry is not as successful as followers expect, or whenever things go wrong.
    Everything rises and falls on Leadership. As bad as it may sound, some ignorant members also blame you for the death of church members. As if you are the one that determines when people should die.
  5. Your being a Founder will put you in a position where even if you forgive rebels, you can no longer relate with them for your own good and for the good of the flock under your care.
    For some of you hearing me, the day God forgives the devil and starts relating with him again, is the day you should relate with anyone who failed in his first attempt to destroy you.
    In conclusion, I may need to know the sin the devil committed against God and why has God refused to forgive him or relate with him after forgiving him?
    Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft.
    Get my post on 10 reasons why you must not company with rebels.
    It was in the mouth of Papa Oyedepo during his 50th birthday, I first heard ‘I will keep forgiving and keep loving but I will forever remain vigilant’.
    And I asked myself ‘Why Vigilance?’. The devil is constantly looking for who to devour. He doesn’t come physically, he comes through human agents.
    Young man before you argue with me. Wait until you become a builder and watch People remove blocks from your already completed building to start their own building. Do you sit and watch your building collapse?
  6. Your being a Founder will make you always take hard decisions that will sometimes present you as not having human feelings.

The truth is, if you want to be great, you must know how to balance and manage your feelings. You must know when to say YES and when to say NO. These two words have destroyed great ministries. He that must fulfil destiny must have mastery over feelings. Sometimes you may cancel the wedding of a committed daughter/son if the lady is found to be pregnant 2 days to the wedding ceremony. Most especially if the ministry policy is wedding will not hold if you are found to be pregnant.

You won’t know how difficult it is, until your loyal son is involved.

Thanks for reading.

Irabor Wisdom
Presiding Bishop
Answers’ Assembly
Warri, Delta State Nigeria.

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