Jonah 3:1
And the word of the LORD came unto Jonah the second time, saying,

There was a day I was praying and meditating, trusting God for a fresh light to minister to God’s people in line with our series for the month because I didn’t want to repeat a message I had preached. The subtle notion that someone have heard this before and may think Pastor is repeating himself was very rife but highly deceptive. While in that, I had a strong witness in my spirit to repeat a message I had preached. I took my notes and looked at it again and was inspired afresh by it. The repeated version appeared to be more insightful, revelatory and impactful.

One of the challenges of young ministers is the pressure to always churn out deep end new revelations in every meeting. Many have unconsciously delved into either theological or exegetical errors trying to sound deep and fresh all the time. Others try to repeat someone’s message to their own congregation without knowing how and for what purpose the message was delivered by the first preacher.

Why you need to repeat messages:

  1. You have grown in insight, exposure and experience.
  2. There are new people in the church who need the message now.
  3. People hardly understand or comprehend a message the first time. Some may have to hear it for a minimum of ten times before they can understand what you have said. Repetition actually makes for retention.
  4. Repetition helps you to make corrections on oversights from the previous one.
  5. Repetition communicates believe and conviction on the workability of the subject being exposed.

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