PERFECT REST – Apostle Nanzing Tali

Matthew 11:28

Life is was never designed or calculated for stress or tension rather the plan of God for every child of God is rest.

Life is not meant to be endured but to be enjoyed.

The plan of God cannot be aborted by Satan.
Let no devil let you believe that the troubles you pass through on a daily basis is God’s plan for you.
God’s plan for you is to give you rest.
God is comforting you this month in the name of Jesus

In this month you will see celebration in the name of Jesus.

In this month God will give you rest roundabout
Rest is the elimination of stress, worry, anxiety, agitation and tension.

Rest is the termination of fruitless labour and burdens.

The Bible says God rested on the seventh day meaning the number seven is the number of rest.
Therefore in this seventh month of the year, you will find rest in the name of Jesus.
Every spiritual overload that the devil has brought into your life, this morning they are lifted and you’re brought into rest in the name of Jesus.
There is a place of rest for God’s children.

We have an inheritance of rest in God.

Hebrews 4:9

The devil may have stolen your joy, peace and comfort but there’s something God has arranged that Satan Cannot tamper with and that is the rest that God has designed for His children.

You will walk into your rest this month in the name of Jesus.

The requirements for rest

  1. Release your burdens to God.

Don’t hold back that burden.
The burden is not meant for you to carry (Matthew 11:28)

Your father, your mother, your friends may not care but God cares so much for you and He is calling you today to release every burden for Him to carry.

If you refuse to release that burden, you will rust.
Release your burdens to God and you will experience rest this month.

There are things you have the ability to take care of but there are things you can’t change so wisdom demands that you let go and let God take control.

Rest is a product of complete surrender to God.
Judges 3:8-11

We must cry out to God in prayer for us to experience rest.

There are people God will raise this month for you to have rest in this month in the name of Jesus.

Anytime God wants to change your season, a man must appear.
It is the appearance of a man that changes your season.

This month, your destiny helpers will appear in the name of Jesus.

Sometimes, to despise men is to despise your destiny.
God will never come down himself to help you but He will use men.

God will bring somebody to take you into your rest in the name of Jesus.

  1. God presence

Psalm 16:8-11

There is nothing that handles the pressures of life like the presence of God.

The major secret of rest in life is the presence of God.
This is the time to stick with God.

If you want to run away from the troubles of life, run into the presence of God.

There’s no place you find comfort, tranquility and prosperity like your father’s house.

Nothing humbles a man like God’s presence.
If you’re genuinely in the presence of God, your pride will die a natural death.

When the presence of God is with a man, no devil can kill that man.
The devil will try but he will never succeed.

Your contact point with God is your turning point in life.

You can run away from anything but don’t run away from God’s presence because His presence produces peace.

  1. Revelation

Revelation is the transmission of God’s insight to you.

There’s something you know that keeps you calm.

You need to be loaded with the word of God because the word of God is a Revelation of who God is and His promises towards you.

God will give you a Revelation that will change your life this season in the name of Jesus.

By virtue of God’s Revelation, you will not end in destruction in the name of Jesus.

If you go for Revelation, you will know the way out of every situation.

A man who is loaded with Revelation is always calm.
Revelation will kill every fear in you

  1. Decongest your life

Genesis 13:7

If you can decongest your life, you’ll experience rest.

Focus on your vision because your vision is what gives you direction in life.

There’s no dry ground anywhere, there are only dry people.

There are people you need to knock out of your life.
Every relationship is a ship and if the ship you’re in is not in the direction of your vision, jump out of that ship today and focus on people that are in the direction of your vision.

Eliminate activities in your life that do not contribute to your destiny.

  1. Labouring to rest

Hebrews 4:11

You’re a child of God, you must not be lazy.
You must labour because there’s a place for labour and there’s a place for favour.

Rest follows a deliberate input of your labour.
Exercise your faith because when you exercise your faith, you will do what God has ordered you to do.

Deploy your potential.

  1. The force of sacrifice

1 Kings 5:4

Solomon was a man of sacrifice that was why God gave him rest on every side.

The most dangerous person to fight on Earth is a man of sacrifice
Exodus 4:21

There’s nowhere sacrifice is that God doesn’t show up

You can’t serve God without sacrifice.
Your coming to church is a sacrifice, your service in the house of God is a sacrifice.
Serve God because He is God and not because of the man of God.

Learn to live a life of sacrifice and you’ll enter into your rest

1 Samuel 16:1-2

There is a dimension of sacrifice you give to God that death can never come near you.

It is your sacrifice that empowers your altar

  1. Your confession

What you say is what you’ll see
What you call is what will come.

Your declaration is what determines your vindication.
If you cannot declare it, it can never be clear.

What you declare is what will become clear in your life.
Begin to make positive confessions over your life in the name of Jesus.
Father in this month of Perfect rest, give me perfect rest in all that concerns me in the name of Jesus.
I believe that you were blessed by today’s word.

Do join us for our midweek service on Wednesday by 5:30pm
God bless you as you do so

Perfect rest will be our portion this month and beyond in Jesus name.

Do have a blessed and fulfilled week ahead.
I celebrate you!!!

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