It has come to our notice as a family that several elements are trying to use the name of our departed father Apostle Anietie Udoema for fraudulent purposes.

People are settling up fake foundations and organizations in his name. Some are also engaging in several unauthorized fund raising schemes in his name.

Please be informed that Apostle Anietie Udoema did not have any foundation called ‘Anietie Udoema Foundations’.

Apostle Anietie Udoema served his generation through the following platforms:

  • Anietie World Outreach(His vision platform)
  • Restoration Ministry International (Church platform)
  • Restoration International Schools (Education platform)
  • Jesus Power Crusades (Crusade Platform)
  • Mercy Ministry (Philanthropy Platform)
  • New Nigeria Prayer Project(Nation building platform)
  • Church Growth and Revival Movement (Revival platform)
  • Anietie Stephen Udoema Partners (Ministry Mentorship platform)

The aforementioned are all the platforms our father engaged in serving his generation and all these have coordinators, any other thing linked to his name is fraudulent.

Also note that due to the demise of our father, all his social media accounts on various platforms are hereby suspended. Nobody has been assigned or appointed to run any social media account or page in his name, whether on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

If you chat with anybody on behalf of our father, be rest assured that you are chatting with a fraudster.

If you need any information about the departed Apostle or his ministry, contact:

Rev. Mrs. Glory Udoema(wife) – +2348037204524.
Pastor Mfon Udoema(Son)

Mfon Udoema
For the family

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