Encounter is God’s ways by which He introduce and reveals himself to man.
Tools are the facilitators that trigger the occurrence of encounter. They make encounter very easy. They are the spiritual kits that make encounter easy.
What are these tools?
1.Behind the closed door. John 20:19,28
This is where God reveal to you his personal revelation and miracles. Behind the closed door God shows himself in the way he does not show himself in the open. Mark 5:40-41
Acts 9:40. Certain healings and miracles can take place behind closed doors.

It was behind the closed door that the widow encountered miracle. 2nd Kings 4:3-6
Only a decongested life can attract encounter.

There are people that must step out of your life for God to step in. Proverbs 18:1. Wisdom is the ability to see and handle life the way God does. 1st Kings 18:1, 17:1, Exodus 3:1.

We retreat most times to re-fire.behind closed door guarantees a life of total turn around
One of d major area you encounter God is in d place of deliverance
deliverance where God touches you at the very spot that the devil is holding you down. Gen. 32:24-25, John 4:8-19

In deliverance you can never say you are free until you have the right diagnosis. John 21:15-17. Assignment is birthed behind closed doors.

In deliverance you are not really delivered until you tell God who truly you are. 1st John 1:9.
It is where the visual circle of our past is broken. Deliverance is resisting satanic order and installing God’s divine order for your life.
It is the maximization of Spiritual deposit for the evacuation of satanic baggage’s and entanglements.
It is the removal of satanic barriers and d destruction of evil influences and invisible bondages.
It is the uprooting of wicked secret land marks.

The types of Deliverances You Must Experience From Behind The Closed Door…

  1. Deliverance from the womb. life begins from the womb to the tomb. Psalms 51:7, Romans 9:11-13, Hebrews 7:9-10, Luke 1:41-42, Jeremiah 1:5, Palms 22:9. Acts 3:1-3, Ezekiel 16:4-9, Acts 28:6

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