(Frank Talk)

As a guest minister, never engage in competition with your host minister.

Don’t try to outshine your host minister by bringing up unnecessary things – it’s a work of the flesh.

Don’t try to preach or teach better than your host minister – just be yourself and flow as the Spirit leads.

Don’t talk him down or embarrass him in the front of his congregation.

Don’t make him look ridiculous in the front of his members by saying things that are not necessary.

Don’t get involved in controversial issues that can undermine his work.

Don’t rubbish his years of labour in a single moment of indiscretion.

Don’t try to steal another man’s harvest by diverting loyalty to yourself.

Don’t ever abuse the platform and privilege given to speak and minister.

Ordinarily, if your spirit does not agree with what someone is doing, then don’t speak for them.

You can honourably and respectfully decline invitations rather than raising dusts that can put the image of a ministry in disrepute.

You stand to gain nothing by destroying another man’s work; remember that what a man sows, that shall he also reap.

You should speak well of your host minister, honour the platform, appreciate the privilege, refer to him in your presentation, minister as led by the Spirit and bless the people from your heart.

There are ministers who will read something of this nature but will still go ahead to do what the flesh motivates them to do – I have seen people like that over the years.

To the host minister, be wary of anyone who feels threatened by your work – they aren’t going to add anything of value to you.

Don’t bring people that will drag your work backward but those that will take it forward.

For instance, bringing some ministers to your platform can cost you three years to repair the damage that they will cause.

As we all move on to fulfil God’s mandate upon our lives, we need to discern the mind of God per time and follow Biblical injunctions.


I trust this made little sense Sirs and Mas?


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