Book Challenge: Life’s Challenges Your Opportunities – John Hagee [Lesson 7]


1. Acknowledge the problem –

A problem acknowledged is a problem half solved. It is not possible to live life without problems, but you don’t have to be trapped in them. Acknowledge the problem and become accountable for it.

2. Take responsibility –

How you react to the problem determines how long you stay in it. You either make the right choices or keep making excuses. A problem cannot be solved if its not confronted, because until you take responsibility for the problem, you will remain trapped in it.

3. Be willing to work –

The person who accepts responsibility for his or her problem is the person who will overcome it.

4. When you are wrong, admit it –

It takes profound moral and spiritual strenght to utter the words, “I am wrong.” A weak person would never admit he or she is mistaken. How many marriages could have been saved by the willingness of one or both in convenant to confess, “I was wrong”.

5. Forgive –

Forgiveness is a huge step out of the problem and into the provision of God. Forgiveness is not for the benefit of the person who hurt you, who betrayed you, who lied about you, or who rejected you when you needed them the most. Forgiveness is for your benefit. God cannot forgive you if you will not forgive others. Forgiveness is not an option for a believer, it is a requited course to pass the exams of life. Lack of forgiveness burns the bridge that you must one day cross yourself.

6. Control your tongue 👅-

Your words determine your destiny. The tongue causes more problems than all the six senses. The tongue controls the destiny of one’s life. The next time you open your mouth…think, because you are about to command an act that can determine the quality of your present life and the success or failure of your future. Make a habit of speaking good words, words of blessing and encouragement, words of healings and peace. Avoid using words of discouragement and defeat.

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