1. The people you think will follow you will not follow you. Know that and have peace.
  2. The people you even helped as a Branch Pastor will not follow you. They will behave as though they don’t even know you.
  3. Some people will recruit themselves to fight you and frustrate you. Nobody sent them, they sent themselves thinking it will please Leadership.
  4. Those who follow you will later abandon you if their expectations are not met. Some need a magician. Where magic don’t happen, they will go back to sit under the Teacher they love. Let people love you for the Word in your Mouth and not for the Work in your Hands.
  5. Some will forever see you as an enemy because you left. They forget that one day every person will also leave.
  6. Some Pastors will plot and plan your downfall, but be focused because situation and location will not always favour them. They will one day leave the city for you.
    A Pastor who said I have missed God for obeying God to start a new ministry and that he will not have anything to do with me, is currently a member of another church, not even a Pastor. Today he is having everything to do with me. Tommorow is a mystery that no person has mastery over.
  7. From the word go, don’t depend or focus on the members of your former church, for your biggest problem and challenge will come from them. They are the ones to always compare you with your past.
  8. If you run a ministry that is completely different from where you left, they will call you names, some will say you have backslided. But never be moved for that is the only way to remain in ministry.
  9. Some people will tell you how bad your former boss and church is, how they are happy they left there. But the day they leave you also, it is that same church they will go and sit down, and still say they were in bondage for following you. But thank God, their eyes were opened.
    I used to tell my people, nobody should speak against where I left, because it is still that same place you have as my replacement.
  10. To survive number 1 to 9, do the following:
  11. Stay in God’s Presence as a Lifestyle.
    Be a Man of Prayers.
  12. Wish where you left well. Don’t wish them evil.
  13. Remain a son and a protegy for life.
  14. Never talk to anyone to join you. If they come, drive them away unless you don’t know them. If you don’t drive them today, they will still leave you tomorrow.
  15. Your Ministry must be completely different, otherwise, you will beg to eat.
  16. Never ask members of your former church for help, they will mock you. It is better you suffer in the Will of God, than to survive by loosing your respect as a Pastor.
  17. Do not attach your heart to anything and to anyone. At this level of life, you are only sure of your wife and kids. And if the devil wants to finish you, your wife may even believe in your former church more than this ‘thing’ you are doing that you call Church.
    That is why most Branch Pastors go through a divorce after resigning to start their own church, because most women want to be mummy in a big branch than to be mummy in a small church.
    And lastly, be delivered from the spirit of numbers.
    Don’t be discouraged by numbers.
    That you are in the Will of God is more important than number.
    Attendance and Abundance in ministry come with the test of time.

Be Blessed.

Irabor Wisdom

Presiding Bishop Answer’s Assembly Warri Delta State Nigeria.

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