THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 20) – Olumide Fatunsin

Lisa got a cold feet when she saw his eyes begging for an answer. When she rose up to go to the kitchen, Charlie ran after her and hugged her tightly,

“Mum, when will I see my father? My friends told me how amazing their fathers are. I want to tell them I have an amazing father too.”

Lisa looked up with tears on her face and remembered how her husband changed after a business trip to Brazil. The ugly experiences played back in her memory like an horror movie and screamed, “Nooo!”

Charlie released himself from her grip and saw her face filled with sorrow. He had been used to seeing her in such condition whenever she saw or heard anything about family or relationship. She went to tidy up the kitchen and they went to sleep.

The Sunday church service was pleasant and they were welcomed with love and open arms. Lisa felt like a baby when she was pampered with lovely words and gifts. Debby had planned surprise gifts for her in conjunction with some women. The Pastor’s sermon centered on the book of 1 Corinthians chapter 13. She jotted down some points about true love. The part that ministered to her was in verses four to six.

“Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

5) It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

6) Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.” (New International Version)

Pastor Matthew explained the verses by the inspiration of God and Lisa’s eyes were opened to the true meaning of love. She couldn’t hide her joy when she shared how she felt sitting among God’s children. She had always jettisoned Christians because of her husband. She married him because of his strong belief in God and the powerful testimony of how God used a small boy to confirm his will for him. A boy met him after the church service and told him Lisa would be his future wife. He didn’t believe him until he met Lisa for the first time in a friend’s birthday party. Lisa later accepted his proposal and followed him to church. Lisa believed in God but wasn’t rooted in Him.

It wasn’t long after they got married that she began to notice some changes in Peter. Whenever she confronted him, he would shut her up by telling her he was in the faith before her. She began to lose interest in church activities before the devil finally capitalised on the cracked wall of their relationship.

Debby and some other women from the church took Lisa and Charlie to an eatery to celebrate God’s faithfulness in their lives. Lisa was overwhelmed as they shared their salvation experiences. Sister Flora, a Cameroonian shared how God saved her from prostitution and how she was miraculously healed of AIDS. Another sister shared how God delivered her from masturbation. Sharon described how she was addicted to pornography despite the fact that she was a choir leader in her former church. Though, she hasn’t slept with any man, her daily masturbation surpassed that of a non-church goer. She had once shared with her Pastor’s wife how her addiction to masturbation eventually affected her relationship with her husband until God took control with her husband’s support.

Lisa listened attentively as they praised God for His saving power. She noticed a woman among them who didn’t participate but was chatting on her phone. They were about to leave when she started sharing her own testimony.

“I hated my husband. No matter how he tried to please me, I would still find fault with him. I have a diary where I recorded all his mistakes for the past three years. I remembered how he would kneel down and beg me to forgive him. Something within me always repelled him and I seemed to enjoy being in charge at home…”

“Mum, I want more ice cream!” Charlie shouted.
Debby volunteered to help him when she saw how his mother paid rapt attention to Priscilla.

“I know I’m at fault but I can’t help myself. No matter how a preacher could preach, it wouldn’t have effect on me. You are aware my husband has stopped coming to church. I caused it but something happened today…” She wiped the tears with her left hand.

Priscilla continued, “Pastor’s message today hit me. I mean, God broke my hardened heart. I saw myself in the mirror of God’s word that I’m a sinner heading towards hell fire with my evil character.” She looked at them not minding their surprise looks.

“I have repented of my sins and God has forgiven me. I have sent some messages to my husband asking for his forgiveness. He couldn’t believe I was the one who sent the messages. I have promised to do it properly once I get home. Dear sisters, I’m not ashamed to tell you about my fake lifestyle. True love doesn’t keep record of wrongs but I have a doctorate degree in that field. Love is patient but I’m not patient with my husband. My God! I have counselled young women in the church to love and submit to their husbands but I did the opposite with my husband. I thank God I didn’t miss today’s message in the church. Thank you Jesus for your love!” She concluded and they rejoiced with her and prayed before leaving the place.

Lisa began to think about their testimonies and how she was blessed through the message when they got home. Thereafter, Charlie switched on the television to watch his favourite program. He was about to drop the remote control on the table when…

To be continued in Episode 21.


Olumide Fatunsin

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