#Testimony: Snake attempts to gain entrance into an Evangelist’s bedroom

Evangelist Ukpo Daniel, who is very passionate in taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to unreached areas, shared his testimony via Facebook on how a snake tried to gain entrance into his bedroom.

In his Facebook post, he wrote as thus;


By divine direction i was navigated by the spirit of God to organize this crusade in one of the unreached area called Ukeshi in odenin gida nasarawa state

we prepared and left the house to To the crusade, then we gets to the crusade and while the meeting was going on, the sound sets ceased, and we were reasoning with some of my team members on what to do,

Then I heard a sharp whisper in my spirit that something is going on in my house, so I quickly send one of my team member to the house,

Carry this motorcycle to my house now there is something there and as He went He saw this big snake in my compound.

Trying to enter my bed room and He killed it. to the glory of God,

At that very time that the Snake was killed

The instrument starts again and we continued with the crusade

The young man i sent didnt know what happened
That the killing of this snake was our victory
and lives were saved, delivered and healed.

Every day of your life the Lord is whispering something into your spirit But you are not sensitive..,

The lord said don’t go you went
The Lord said GIVE you are complaining..
The Lord said do this but you refuse abs later it resuilt negative.

From today be sensitive to the leadings of the spirit of God

fresh fire in my bones


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