Your understanding of anything determines the power you get from it.
Exodus 15:11
God will do wonders in all that concerns you today.

God is fearful in praises. There’s a dimension of God you can only see from praises.
Praising God is not optional for you as a believer. You were created and fashioned to praise Him. Rev 4:11
God created you to praise Him and give Him pleasure. There’s a general purpose and specific purpose of God for our life. Praise is a general purpose. Psalm 150:6
As long as there’s air in your nostrils, praising God is not optional.
By praising God, you fulfil your purpose. It’s after this you see lifting.

What will praise do for you as a believer?

  1. Praise provokes the hand of God upon your life.
    The hand of God represents power. As a child of God, you are powerless if you lack the ability to praise God. Exodus 15:6.
    Habakkuk 3:3-4
    The horn that comes out of the hand of God represents strength. And praise brings out this horn for you.
    Exodus 8:18
    Before this scripture, the magicians Pharaoh brought kept replicating what God was doing through Moses, but in the case of this scripture, they couldn’t replicate it and had to accept that it was the finger of God at work.
    Through praise, you provoke the hand of the Lord. Nehemiah 2:18
    You can’t lack favour if you know how to provoke the hand of God.
  2. Praise takes your battle from the physical realm to the spiritual realm
    Isaiah 30:29-31, 2 Chronicles 20:19-23
    The enemies don’t fight you in the physical. They do in the spiritual. If you fight in the physical, you will lose.
    2 Samuel 5:20-21
    Because God was with David, he always defeated all idol worshipping enemies. Praise takes your battle beyond the realm of your enemies and right to the throne of God where God roars against your enemies.
    1 Samuel 7:43 Goliath cursed David by his gods because he looked and saw that David wasn’t ordinary. He tried to cast a spell on David to disarm him spiritually. But David came with a power that was above the power of Goliath.
  3. It impacts on you the atmosphere and aura of heaven.
    Anywhere you see the aura of God, it indicates that He is there because He inhabits the praises of His people.
    The atmosphere of heaven is the atmosphere of glory. This atmosphere takes away shame, and makes people see God’s glory in your life.
    There’s something about God, and you can’t be a carrier of His presence and walk in shame and rejection.
    Before someone suffers rejection, there’s something about your presence that would reject Him.
    Genesis 27:27
    When you are a carrier of the divine presence, aura and smell from heaven, people can perceive that, and will be mandated to help and favour you.
    There’s an atmosphere of joy and pleasure.
    If you carry the presence of God, there will be joy around you.

How Do We Praise God?

  1. Praise His name. 2 Samuel 22:50
    The name of God is the revelation of His character and who He is.
    Psalm 7:17
    Psalm 66:2
    Everyday, wake up and honour His name.
  2. Praise His Almighty-ness
    Isaiah 66:1
    Psalm 97:5
    Praise His character and the things that are consistent with Him. When it’s time to praise, talk about His goodness, His might, His power, His majesty, His blessings in your life…etc.
  3. Praise His Holiness.

Things that make praising God easy for you

  1. Increase the depth of your revelation and knowledge of God. You can only manifest what to know.
  2. A heart full of gratitude. Only a heart that is filled with gratitude will praise God effectively.

Trust you’ve been blessed today. Celebrate Jesus!

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