PRAYER CHANGES THINGS – Apostle Joshua Talena

(Philippians 4:6) Don’t get anxious about anything. But in everything pray, plead, and give thanks. Make your requests known to God.

What is that thing that you need God to change? God has desired solutions to them all if only you can pray to access them. The arm of flesh will definitely fail us if you rely solely on your intellect, wealth, beauty, fame etc. But there is One when He answers, the answer beautifies the situation, for He makes all things beautiful in His time.

From scriptures we saw examples of those who earnestly prayed and the situation changed- people like Hannah after being in a childless situation for so long, the moment she discovered the potency of prayer decided to switch direction to prayers until her Samuel came. Esther saved a whole nation when she and the children of Israel went to God in prayer. Elijah prayed and for three and a half years there was no rain and also used the switch of prayers to release rain upon the earth. Our Saviour Jesus Christ started and ended His ministry in the place of prayer.

Beloved, it is a new year and I know you desire a change this year but you just must open your mouth to pray. Do not seat and watch others pray and believe your Pastor, Home Cell Leader, Departmental Leader or Prayer Force Members etc. will be praying for you or concerning a change in that area where you desire Him most this year. A closed mouth is a closed destiny, therefore if you desire to see a change this year, add to your effort prayers and I see God causing a change for you in that direction where you need it in Jesus name. Amen

My dear child, this season we will not pray amiss as I encourage you all settle down and put down your prayer points as a guide in seeking His face in line with His word and believing Him I see your prayers expressly answered in Jesus name. Amen

Meditation: A closed mouth is a closed destiny; therefore, I must pray until my change comes.

RM: The Power of Prayer

Prayer: My Father my maker, the God that answers prayers look upon me and by your steadfast love and mercy answer my prayers as I wait on you in the place of prayers in Jesus Christ name. Amen.

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