Book Challenge: Life’s Challenges Your Opportunities – John Hagee [Lesson 4]

Life’s Challenges Your Opportunities – John Hagee [Lesson 4]

1. Remain faithful to God in the problem. Your endurance of the problem breeds success. Problems should be seen as mere obstacles on the path to victory.

2. It is not over until God says it is. What the devil meant for evil, God meant for good. It doesn’t matter what an individual is going through in their life, there is always hope in Christ.

3. When God makes a promise, faith believes it, and hope anticipates it, patience quietly awaits it.

4. Your ability to receive the promises of God is a direct relationship of your belief  and faith in God. God’s promises are made to be taken, and claimed, by His children. They are not made to be concealed in glit-edged bibles, but are meant to be read, understood, and activated.

5. When faced with a problem, don’t deny that it exist. Acknowledge it, but don’t embrace it, for it doesn’t belong in your life.

“When you trust in Christ, who is your blessed hope, you see the invisible, you will feel the intangible, and you can accomplish the impossible” – John Hagee

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