Untill you are dead to the things of the flesh, you can’t be alive to Christ – Ibisobia Hart

Untill you are dead to the things of the flesh, you can’t be alive to Christ.

Until you disengage your emotions from material things to the level that what people kill to acquire, you give out with ease, what they count a Loss, You count it all Joy, that’s the only time you can experience true and lasting Prosperity.

Sometime in January I had parked my Newly acquired,much admired Machine somewhere in Bayelsa and travelled with another vehicle to PH.

This was a car that became a photo studio for so many..Sometimes I’ll park my car somewhere to get something and I will come out Only to see several people taking turns to pose for different positions of photographs in front of the Car, trust me I am very patient, I won’t even act like it’s mine, I’ll stand aside and wait for them to finish before I unlock my car and drive off to their surprise.

Two days after I travelled, I got a call that sometime past midnight workers of iniquity, wicked and unreasonable men have put fire on my car and burned it beyond recognition.

The natural thing for anyone to do is start wailing, lamenting, cursing or possibly run down at the break of the day to go see things for myself and access the level of the damage, not me because I have so detached myself from material things, that’s why it’s easy for me to give anything at all without counting the cost.

I was even laughing and saying why didn’t the person just ask me to give him the car, I am very generous, so I might have considered it. I didn’t entertain any form of pity party.. It wasn’t necessary.

It took me a couple of days with so much persuasion before I even agreed to go see the state of the car and once I saw it I left immediately to go and continue with what I was doing.

I didn’t post this here so you can sympathize with me, I mean this happened since January and I have received countless blessings since then.

I posted this just to encourage someone who might have lost something precious and you are already announcing that it’s the end of the world for you.

Come on! Come off it!
Not When you serve Johovah Jireh {The God who opens your eyes to see his endless provisions}

You might have lost Money, a Job, business, car, a most priced Possession or maybe something very important, the Bible didn’t instruct us to count our loses, It says even the presumed loss should be counted as Joy, meaning a cause for celebration/rejoicing and that’s because something far better is coming

Finally I leave you with this scripture

“And I will compensate you for the years
That the swarming locust has eaten,
~Joel 2:25 Amplified

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