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It’s our Month of High Praise🥳🥳🥳🥳

2Samuel 6:20-23
We are to extol God for above everything the devil throws at us this month. We are to praise God because He is set to glorify Himself through us.
Even when we are expected to be down by the standards of the world, but they come and see you in High Praise
This month is not a month to be led by your feelings.
The devil’s plan is to keep doing things that should dull your praise
We shouldn’t be careless. We should learn to close our ears and chose to give high praise at all times.
You should be a praiser. God inhabits the praise of His people
By this, you become the address of God. You should show the opposite of what the world expects when things don’t seem to be going right, because ultimately, you will come back rejoicing. Your praise should be high at all times.

The man who understands this is a man who decides that every time anyone comes, they meet him dancing, clapping and rejoicing.
Nothing makes the devil mad than when he comes and he sees you praising
Praise is your engine room for Thanksgiving. David understood this and won many battles
The question is, how do you offer thanksgiving?

  1. You must first acknowledge with a heart of gratitude who God is.
    You must believe that He is God, and acknowledge His works over your life.
  2. Psalm 66:1-12
    Rehearse before Him His greatness, and all that He has done. Exalt His greatness before Him. Call Him sweet names to exalt and extol Him
    Whatever you rehearse before Him is how He manifests in your life
    Psalm 47:1, 6
  3. Everything about you should be celebration.
    You should offer your high praise with clapping and singing
  4. Testify of His deeds and goodness. Psalm 22:25
    Everyone should meet you testifying of His deeds everywhere you go, whether in the local assembly, or in the fields
    Why should we offer high praise?
    With this, you become the address of God. The presence of God will always be in you.
    The presence of God in your life is activated.
    You abide in joy continually.
    Psalm 149:1-7
    When you praise God, you are armed with the sword to execute vengeance. This is the word of God, and you have power to declare the word of God, and the word of God manifests because you are a praiser.
    Celebrate Jesus!!!

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