THE GLOOMY CORRIDORS (Episode 17) – Olumide Fatunsin

After a while, she opened the main door and closed it with much caution. As soon as she turned to go to the main gate, the darkness turned to light and there appeared two men who came out of a waiting car and held her forcefully. The cry of “Dad” jolted Pascal and Paco to reality in the control room. By the time they got to the gate, Anne had been whisked away.

Out of total frustration, he grabbed Paco and slapped him.

“How did she escape? Didn’t I command you to watch over her? You will pay dearly for your negligence.”

Paco mellowed when he realised his foolishness. He knew the harsher punishment he would have received if it was Josephine. She is always inpatient with him and Flavio but that didn’t change his lustful desire towards her. Behind Josephine’s effrontery was an appealing and seductive posture that characterised her. Flavio had warned him against taking any foolish action that might bring out the lioness in her but he was bent on having a taste of her.

In a flash of thought, he remembered how he had cautiously planted a kiss on her soft lips before leaving the guest room when Pascal asked him to check on her. He knew he would be dead if Pascal had caught him. Josephine’s desire was on Pascal but his attention was on his daughter. Nonetheless, Paco wanted her by all means.

Pascal ordered him to ensure their captives’ safety and also demanded to find out the identity of the men.

“Sir, they are from Sir Finn. I know they will call you soon.”

Pascal thought for a while and went straight to the guest room. Josephine had already woken up and sat on the bed with her back leaning against the wall. When Pascal saw her, he knew she had something to say.

“Where is Anne?”

Pascal was surprised how she knew what had happened.

“She’s fine.” He wanted to know her thought.

“No, she’s in the custody of Sir Finn.” Josephine declared.

Pascal, who was still sceptical of her assumption asked,

“How did you know?”

“I read your countenance. I knew they would come. Have you forgotten our captives? Pascal, your phone will ring very soon.”

True to her words, his phone rang.

“7 am, we want Blanco and Gordo at the gate!”

“And my daughter?”

“Ask Josephine!” The caller said coldly.

Pascal ended the call abruptly to challenge her. She wasn’t perturbed but looked on as if nothing happened.

“What do you know about my daughter?”

“I want you!”

“I said, where’s my daughter? Answer me!”

Josephine rose up from the bed and hugged him tightly looking into his weary eyes,

“Pascal, I want to settle down with you. I love you!”

Pascal couldn’t control his anger but pushed her. Josephine rose up again to hug and speak romantically into his right ears. He calmed down when she planted another kiss on his cracked lips.

“We have come a long way and it’s time to consummate our love. Don’t worry, Anne will be fine. After all, she doesn’t want you to marry me.”

Pascal wasn’t satisfied with her answer. He demanded to know whether she was privy to their plans or not. However, Paco was watching them secretly through the keyhole and his body movements revealed his various reactions to their discussion. He wanted Josephine at all costs but Pascal was the only obstacle. He began to devise some means to get rid of Pascal without any suspicion.

“Did you remember the deal 057?” Josephine asked him.


“Immediately I saw Blanco, I knew they were after me. They trailed us to your house and decided to use your daughter as a prey.”

“Why my daughter? Why are they after you?”

Josephine smiled and reminded him of the deal 057. Pascal couldn’t utter a word and she began to caress his thigh while she rested her head on his shoulder. Paco was burning where he stood at the door and thought of taking a rash decision.

Remembering Flavio’s warning, he retreated to his room thinking of a better plan. His burning lust led him to the toilet to release his tension. As soon as he came out of the toilet, he met Josephine on her way to the second toilet. He threw caution to the wind and followed her.

When Josephine turned and saw him following her, she told him she didn’t need his assistance. As soon as she entered the toilet, Paco …

To be continued in Episode 18.


Olumide Fatunsin

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