LOOKING UP TO GOD – Dr. Paul Enenche


Where you look determines where you end and how you end
What you look at determines what you look like
There are those who look up to men and it is compulsory for them to walk off in shame; there are those who look up to their qualifications, and it leads them to frustration.
When you look up you go up, when you look down you go down, when you look back you go back and when you look around you hang around!


  1. Looking up to God is linking up with His help (Ps. 121:1-2)
    When God is helping you no devil can be hurting you
  2. Looking up to God is linking up with light (Ps. 36:9; 34:5; John 1:5; Ps. 89:15; Acts 12:7)
    2a. The Light of God’s Presence will destroy the darkness around your life (John 1:5)
    2b. The Light of God’s countenance brings direction to life (Ps. 89:15)
    2c. The Light of God’s Presence destroys the chains of oppression/bondage (Acts 12:7)
  3. Looking up to God is treatment for shame and reproach in life (Ps. 34:5)


  1. You cannot look in two directions at the same time
    Whenever you have made man your source, you have disconnected yourself from your Creator
  2. You cannot look up to God and serve Him on your own terms
    You can’t live anyway you want, dress anyway you want, talk anyhow you want, conduct business
    anyway you want and claim to be serving God.
    You don’t bring the Bible down to meet you at your level, you go up to meet the Bible at its own level.
    You cannot behave anyhow you want and expect a normal relationship with God
    The moment you change your position then God will change His disposition.

Father, I make demands on Your mercy in this service, visit me by Your power in Jesus Name! (Matt. 15:22)

Father, today, I reject every luggage and baggage on my life that is not of God, I reject it NOW, in Jesus Name!

Father, in the name of Jesus, we take authority over violence, kidnapping and killings in the South-East of Nigeria. satan, the Blood of Jesus is against you!

Father, in the name of Jesus, we ask that You will judge every perpetrator of killings and violence in the South–East of Nigeria and every other region; from the highest to the lowest, judge them Lord!

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