Ministry is an amazing journey or race as the case may be.

In athletics, there are basic rules and guidelines. For instance, there are about 8 race tracks in a standard race or athletic competition and every athlete is expected to maintain his track throughout the race.

For instance, if an athlete starts a race in track 5 and later he meanders into track 3 with energy, gusto and zest and breast the tape first, he will not be declared first, nor crowned with the gold medal or wreath, rather he will be disqualified.

Inasmuch as he ran with energy, gusto and zest, it will be concluded that he did not run well because he did not play or run according to the rules.

Therefore, part of the rudimentary training for athletes is discipline to stay in ones track.

Juxtapose with ministry, God is a God of variety, God has called each person uniquely with a unique message. Our ministries may be similar but ultimately, absolutely unique.

We know in part and we see in part. Revelation is progressive.

Let us stop fighting ourselves over differences in doctrines and dogmas. Satan is our enemy and not our fellow minister. Remember the scripture that says, ”Your adversary the devil…”

However, we must be careful to ensure that in these days of ‘revolutionary revelations’ like GRACE REVOLUTION, LOVE REVOLUTION, PEACE REVOLUTION, MERCY REVOLUTION, NO MORE STUDYING THE OLD TESTAMENT REVOLUTION, etc, we don’t inadvertently slide into damnable heresies and cause schisms of gargantuan and cataclysmic proportions. Let us always remember a great Father of Faith like Prophet William Branham, who did a great work in the body of Christ by opening up the body of Christ to great manifestations of the Holy Spirit and raised great giants in the kingdom of God who continued the race, but also did great damage to the body of Christ in his last years through some erroneous and heretical teachings that are difficult to correct or amend even till today.

The truth is that I fear FALSE TEACHERS over and above FALSE PROPHETS. A false prophet is an evil person, occultist, shaman, charlatan, snake oil salesman, etc deceiving people in the name of the Lord but a false teacher is a genuine, zealous servant of God who in his over zealousness or zealotry begins to teach things that are not lawful for men or angels to utter. If there be prophecies, there shall cease but the word abides forever. Therefore people will quickly forget the lying wonders performed by false prophets but the false teaching of a false teacher will abide forever.

My stand therefore is that:
-I will stick to the simplicity of the gospel.
-I will not exercise myself in matters that are too high for me.
-I will stick to the simple message that got me saved.
-I will not be swayed or swerved to preach or teach what will be injurious to the body of Christ.
-I will preach the simple message that Christ preached and not a complex or complicated message. The common people listened to Jesus Christ gladly.
-I will minister to the sick, oppressed and hurting with the power of God trusting God for the manifestation of signs and wonders.
-I will perfect the saints through teaching for the work of the ministry.
-I will prepare the flock of Christ for Heaven while also simultaneously making them relevant on earth.


Mfon Udoema

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