Bro. Joshua Iginla pens down tribute to honour late Prophet TB Joshua


You took a bow to the sovereignty of God. After you lived your life selflessly serving in the kingdom of GOD, you lived for the poor, homeless, widows, orphans and Afflicted. You stood for the Prophetic, defended and supported the course until the end. I will surely miss our long private kingdom discussion.

I celebrate you and please, My Heart felt sympathy goes to the entire SCOAN FAMILY as a whole. As my brother Prophet T.B JOSHUA takes his personal race to the finish line, A gentle walk to Heavens gate, with the soft voices of angels welcoming him home.

Indeed You are a reflective soul and a rear distinctive General in the kingdom of our Heavenly Father.

You came with a distinctive Grace, you did that which our Heavenly father sent you to do and Now YOU HAVE GONE to give account. Thank you for your endless kingdom service sir, till we meet at the feet of our father ADIEU MY BROTHER.

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