The Anointing is the burden-removing, yoke-destroying power of God, but beyond that, it is God’s tool for the protection and preservation of His people
We live in a world of flying arrows, therefore it is needful that we do not live carelessly.
Anointed people don’t die like chicken (2Sam. 1:21)
When you are anointed, you are too anointed to be wasted by the devil


  1. The Anointing forbids careless death (2Sam. 1:21)
  2. The Anointing forbids defeat and destruction in war (2Sam. 1:21)
  3. The Anointing forbids perishing in the hands of the enemy (2Sam. 1:21)
    David became absolutely ‘unkillable’ after he was anointed with Oil by Prophet Samuel (1Sam. 16:13)


  1. The Anointing places the seal of Divine untouchability on the life of the Anointed (Ps. 105:15)
    When the Anointing is on your life, your life becomes a ‘no go area’.
  2. The Anointing releases the power of God into the life of the anointed, and this power is
    needed to tackle confrontations (Acts 10:38)
    You cannot become victimized if you are ‘powerized’
  3. The Anointing places the horn of victory on the head of the anointed (Ps. 92:10)
    God does give bad (dangerous) animals horns (Proverb)
    The Anointing increases your dangerousity index
  4. The Anointing creates the atmosphere of Divine Presence around the life of the anointed, and the presence of God forbids the occurrence of disaster (Ps. 23:4; Acts 10:38)
    The Presence of God forbids the madness of the devil
  5. The Anointing is the seal of preservation fire (Matt. 3:11; Luke 3:16)
    The Lord shall be a wall of fire round about His people
    The fire you carry is hot enough to roast from a distance those who look for you.
  6. The Anointing brings the Voice of Divine direction and direction forbids disaster, averts destruction and forbids distraction (1 John 2:20)
  7. The Anointing imparts violent, rugged faith and boldness (2Tim. 1:7; Eph. 6:16; Isa. 21:5; 2Kings 9:1-10:11)
    Faith is a shield and the shield of faith can be anointed (Isa. 21:5)
    When fear dies, the activities of the enemy lose power.
    Dangerous times require dangerous oil and dangerous anointing
    The bottle of Oil is spiritual mystery and there are secrets you must know for it to be effective


  1. The revelation of the Word (Job 29:6; Prov. 30:33; 1Pet. 2:2)
    Nothing releases the oil like insight; the more insight you have, the more oil will flow
    Milk is the Word, butter is the depth of the Word; if you get depth from the Word, you will not have to beg for Oil.
    When Oil is on your head, your heart should be filled with insight.
  2. The art of supplication and intercession (Mark 14:32; 1Thess. 5:17)
    The place of prayer is the place of Oil
    The state of continuous tenacious desire for the will and purpose of God for your life, you open your mouth and express it as often as you can, this is a state of continuous prayer
  3. The Presence of God (Zech. 4:12-14)
    Many spend too much time talking with people rather than talking with God
    Spend time with God and you will realise that you will spend less time looking for people; people will look for you.
    Everything you are looking for is in God; He may use people as channels but He is the ultimate Source.
    Channels may fail but the Source is ever reliable and dependable
  4. The purity of the garment (Eccl. 9:8)
    Don’t be used to God and don’t be used to sin
    When the garment begins to get dirty, the Oil will begin to cease to flow.

Father, thank You for Your Word to us tonight. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

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