Book Challenge: Life’s Challenges Your Opportunities – John Hagee [Lesson 4]


When you are in the midst of a problem, it is vital to go through your spiritual checklist within the Manufacturer’s Operating Manual to make sure you are not the source of the problem.


1. Are you reading the word of God (Josh. 1:8)?

2. Are you standing in obedience on the promises (Josh. 1:8)?

3. Are you proclaiming God’s promises in faith (Josh. 1:8)?

4. Have you repented of all known sin in your life (Isa. 55:7)?

5. Have you forgiven everyone who may have offended you (Matt. 66:14-15).

6. Are you tithing on your first fruit (Prov. 3:9)?

7. Have you asked God for what you need (1 Tim. 5:5)?

8. Do you trust God to take you through the problem and into your provision (Ps. 78:7)?

9. Are you praising Him while you are in the problem (Exod. 15:12)?

10. Are you ready to let God choose what is best for you (Ps. 47:2-4).

You can purchase this book: Life’s Challenges Your Opportunities by John Hagee at your local book store.

God bless you.

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