Stop wasting your life – DR. K. N JACOB

Dude, stop wasting your life with women. What are you looking for? Settle down with one and invest in your relationship. Stop destroying your marriage with multiple women. At the end of the day, you’ll just squander your money and strength, and you may finally return home sick or dead.

Chick, stop wasting your life with other people’s husbands. Why beg for what you can earn? Why share a husband when you can have your own? Why reduce yourself to an escort material to be used and dumped at one’s leisure?

Stop wasting yourself in alcohol. Drunkenness steals your sobriety and precious time that you could have spent with family or improving yourself. Refuse to be controlled by alcohol. Create a culture of going out with your partner – your partner may be the only one who may never take advantage of you. Most people stay close to you so long as you have money.

Stop wasting your life wishing how things could have been. Don’t allow your past mistakes sabotage your present and abort your destiny. Purpose never, ever, to blame anyone for your life. Take full responsibility for your life. Never complain. Complaining hurts you more. Winners don’t complain, they focus on solutions for every problem they encounter.

And don’t try short cuts to the top. This get-rich-quick mentality will lure you into betting and fake investment schemes. Anyone who promises you quick money and overnight success is a conman. The road to the top is long and tedious. Don’t focus on success. Pursue the purpose for which God made you and all these other things will follow you.


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