JUNE 2021 PROPHETIC FAST (DAY 3) – Pst. Timothy Bernedict

  1. O LORD my God, by the help of your Spirit, I apply for daily guidance in all my movements and activities throughout this month. I declare that this month, my legs will take me to the right places at the right time. I, my family and every member of DACA are exempted from tragic places and incidents in the Name of Jesus.
    Psa. 23:3; 37:23 Gal.6:17,
  2. O LORD my God, by the help of your Spirit, eliminate every form of confusion and mistakes on my pathway to success in this month. Influence all my decisions, choices and actions in line with your will for my life, in the Name of Jesus.
    Prov. 3:5-6, Psa. 23:3; 37:23
  3. O LORD my God, by the power of redemption, I shake out failure, misfortune, disfavour, tragedy, disappointment, rejection from this month as it relates to my destiny and family. I shake out the wicked and all their evil plots from the events of my life in the Name of Jesus.
    Luke 10:19, Job 38:12-13; 22:28, Psa. 91:10.
  4. O LORD my God, by the escalation of the reaper angels in our harvest field, we demand the sudden arrival of men and women ordained to be members of DACA according to your plans. By the help of Divine forces, we overcome smallness and every limiting factor in relation to the growth of your church. We declare this month our month of increase and multiplication as a church and people in the Name of Jesus.
    Matt. 13:39; 16:18, Jer. 30:19
  5. O LORD my God, I pursue, overtake and recover all my lost blessings – spiritually, mentally, financially, maritally, and otherwise. Everyone in custody of what is rightfully mine and that of DACA and all her members worldwide, I command you to release them to us now, in the Name of Jesus.
    1 Sam.30:8, Joel 2:25-27
  6. O LORD my God, I make demands for Grace to apply kingdom principles relevant for my change of story in this month.
    By the power of the Holy Ghost, I overcome the spirit of sleep and lethargy, in the Name of Jesus.
    Psa. 126:1-2, Job 36:11, James 1:22
  7. O Lord my God, I uproot every agent of darkness, seeking to waste the blood of Jesus the inhabitants of Imo state at this time in Jesus name!
    Isaiah 49:25-26.
  8. O Lord my God, I neutralize by the power of The Holy Ghost every enchantment released from strange altars and covens into the atmosphere in Imo state for evil occurrences and experiences in the name of Jesus.
    Numbers 23:23.
  9. O Lord my God, I decree and declare that the land of Imo shall swallow everyone sent into or in her to destabilize the state through whatever means in Jesus name!
    Numbers 16:28-34.
  10. O Lord my God, we stand as spiritual watchmen over the land of Imo to declare Peace! Peace!! Peace!!! All around her and her inhabitants from henceforth in Jesus name!
    Psalm 122:6-9.

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