THE BENEFITS OF PRAYER – Apostle Joshua Talena

(Luke 18:1) …Men ought always to pray, and not to faint

Prayer enables a believer to enjoy the help of God and draws from God’s strength. Prayer is the way to have our minds set on the things above. That is because prayer elevates our mind from our earthly concerns to God’s heavenly interests (see Colossians 3:2). Prayer with faith is divine dynamite because it releases God’s hands for miracles, signs and wonders. Today, many believers venture into business, relationship, ministry and other aspects of life without praying or seeking for the face of God to know His will.

Prayer births the supernatural. The Bible recorded that Jesus constantly went to the mountain to pray. We often think that Jesus performed miracles because He was God. No, you must understand that all the miracles Jesus performed were as a result of the prayers He prayed. If you desire the supernatural be a person of prayer.

Prayer gives direction. Before Jesus started His ministry He fasted and prayed. Before He chose His disciples, He prayed, and He often withdraws Himself to solitary places to pray. His success was because He was a man of prayer. If you desire to succeed in this world that is full of challenges, be a person of prayer.

Prayer builds confidence. Many believers think they could handle life challenges better if only they have self-confidence. While self-confidence helps, it is limited to only what they can do by themselves. When you make prayer a habit, God’s presence in you grows stronger and stronger and so does your confidence. As prayer helps you to see your situation through the eyes of faith, it builds up your boldness.

Prayer brings peace of mind. God wants us to have peace of mind through Him, and to know that everything will work out fine if we rely on Him. We find that peace when we focus on His ability and willingness to deliver us from evil. Prayer helps to understand God’s will. God has plan for every one of us. You are not here by accident, God created you for a purpose. It is in the place of prayer that His purpose and will is revealed to you. Prayer brings the heart and will of God into clear focus.

Child of God, the importance of prayer in a believer’s life cannot be overemphasized. Prayerlessness is a breeding ground for all satanic practices. An adage says, “evil triumph when righteous people do nothing”. One of the things righteous men will do terminate satanic, human and ocultic wickedness and operations is prayer.

Meditation: When you make prayer a habit, God’s presence in you grows stronger and stronger and so does your confidence

RM: The Place of Prayer

Prayer: Father, release to me the fresh oil of prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen

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