Masturbation And The Believer – Ebele UzoPeters

Masturbation is common among both men and women; but is commoner in men who seemingly get more easily excited by erotic thoughts and sites. It is used as a means of satisfying sexual urges and desires. Masturbation is the process of stimulating the genital organs of oneself for sexual pleasure.

Some medical and paramedical sources say it is healthy if done two to three times a week.

The advantages are said to be the following

  1. gets rid of dead sperm; healthier sperm
  2. improves blood flow
  3. it is said to be a natural pain killer???
  4. improves sleep
  5. no chances of pregnancy
  6. no chances of sexually transmitted diseases

However, these sources also say that when it is practised for more than 7 times a week (more than once a day), it has become an addiction (masturbation addiction). Masturbation creates neuropsychological dependence where those involved in it behave like drug addicts. Some cannot go more than a few hours without it. Some even get to the point of using new techniques and devices to increase pleasure, which end up damaging the male reproductive organs.

So the problems

  1. Addiction and dysfunction
  2. Feelings of guilt
  3. Heightened sexual urges
  4. Relationship apathy
  5. Weakened parasympathetic nerves, leading to ejaculatory problems, semen leakage

So, medical professionals treat masturbation as a natural part of human development, and some pastors have tried to give practical and biblical reasons to masturbate; so I have presented the pros and cons.

From a biblical perspective, however, I do not believe this approach pleases God, and I have heard and seen the problems this habit has brought to both singles and marrieds alike. Now, the Bible specifically forbids every act of sex outside a heterosexual marriage between two consenting adults: adultery, fornication, homosexuality, incest, bestiality and lust as immorality and sins; but does not specifically address masturbation or self-stimulation.

The FIRST godly problem with masturbation is that, for Christians, we must know that our bodies do not belong to us to do as we like. Our bodies are the temple of God. He lives in us. Some things like getting tattoos and vapping or smoking may not be explicitly called sins; but they are not convenient for believers. Our bodies belong to God first, and then to us. We belong to God. This is important. A person may decide that they do not belong to God, and that it becomes “okay” for them to do certain things; but once a person declares himself or herself a Christian, or a child of God; there are certain internal changes of heart and mind that makes us see our bodies differently. The Bible specifically tells us to present our bodies to God and yield ourselves to Him as those alive from the dead. So, first and foremost – we are not looking for what is sin or what is not sin. We are looking for what glorifies God versus what does not glorify Him – whether it is in what we eat, or say, or clothe ourselves with, or use our body parts for. Some things may not be sinful in themselves, but if they do not glorify God; then they are useless to God’s children.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20
Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.

1 Thessalonians 4:3-5
This is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor, not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know God.”

The SECOND godly problem with masturbation is lust. It is nearly impossible to self-stimulate for sexual pleasure without thinking about a sexual picture whether of a person or an object, maybe. This is lust, and lust is clearly immoral (sin). In fact, nearly everyone who self stimulates, got into masturbation this way – by exposing themselves to erotic material. Jesus said looking (or thinking) at a woman lustfully, is adultery (or fornication) in the sight of God. You have not touched the woman, but sexual thoughts have started towards her. God sees it as immorality. Therefore that is what it is. Masturbation frequently goes alongside pornography or sexually stimulating pictures somewhere. Almost, if not everyone who masturbates, has a lust problem. That is a sin against God and against one’s own body. The release of sexual tension is not in itself, a sin; but masturbation combined with lust, is always sinful. It is granted, that if lust problems and pornography are taken care of, masturbation becomes a non-issue

Some have asked “what of if i’m thinking about my wife when I do this?”; which has led some to say masturbation is okay when married couples are doing it about, or for each other. Some believe there is no improper sexual act between husband and wife. Well, please consider the point above and the point below.

The THIRD godly problem with masturbation is addiction. Masturbation is highly addictive, and so is pornography. Some cannot do anything until they have done some masturbation. Some look for any opportunity to masturbate. Others see a fine lady and cannot rest until they have masturbated. Anything that controls your behaviour and disrupts your life like that is simply wrong: whether it is tobacco, cannabis, or alcohol, or masturbation. It is a weight, and it is a sin of immorality.

The FOURTH godly problem with self-stimulation is this – God created sex and designed the sexual experience to be within the covenant of marriage. There is no other setting for sex or sexual activity. Sex begins with touching, not of yourself but of the other person. This is why in a church (my church- Household of David) program several years ago, a question was asked where sex begins, or where sex starts from. And I answered that it begins from touching or even holding hands, and people were like Nooooooo! Ahn ahn!! So I asked if anyone was willing to give me their wife for a test; let me just hold her hands and rub her hands

And they shouted again “Noooooooo!”

I was not even right. Sex begins, as Jesus said, in the heart; and once the heart is thinking sexually, every touch and even every look, is sexual in nature; and immoral. Unless the person you are touching is your wife; and is also interested in touching you at that time. God created sex for intimacy between husband and wife, not for pleasing or gratifying ourselves. Masturbation does not improve intimacy between husband and wife

I could say, follow me in marriage, as I follow Christ (assuming I were married)

I could say, follow me in intimacy with my wife, as I follow Christ;

But could I say, follow my example in masturbation, as I follow Christ?

The answer is NO.

In summary, masturbation, although not necessarily called a sin in itself, is a self-gratifying addiciton, which is a weight; and is never far from lust, which is a sin. It is therefore important to remove lust and other sinful activities from our bodies and minds, so that we may indeed present our bodies to God and pursue holiness, as is fitting for all God’s children.

FINALLY, know this: there are many fine Christian young men: both single and married, WHO DO NOT MASTURBATE. They are not specially anointed or gifted. They have just learnt to glorify God with their bodies, to cut out of their lives any viewing of or thinking about erotic thoughts, and bring their appetites under the control of God’s Spirit. Many of them were once given to sexual impurity but one day the Day Light dawned on them; it fell off like water off a camel’s back. ..

“No! This is not for me.”

You can also yield your body to the living God as His temple, and become God conscious in your life until you begin to experience real purity and chastity, in living for God and loving your spouse.


Written By
Ebele UzoPeters

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