Appreciation or thanksgiving is a major challenge to many in our generation. In fact ingratitude is a sign of the end time (2Tim. 3:1-2)
Appreciation is a proof of spiritual education/literacy
Ingratitude is a proof of spiritual illiteracy; it is the twin of ignorance.
To know more is to thank more; thanklessness is thoughtlessness
Today, we live in a world where there is a plague of thanklessness.


  1. There are those who are so focused on what is yet to be done such that they lose focus on what has already been done
    What God has already done is just the starting point for what He can do.
  2. There are those who rapidly forget the help of God in their lives; they have a plague of forgetfulness. (Heb. 6:10)
    To forget what God did is equal to unrighteousness according to Scripture (Heb. 6:10)
  3. There are those who claim to be waiting for something bigger before they appreciate God
    They fail to realise that appreciation is a spiritual equation; you cannot arrive at the major one without appreciation
  4. Those who are overfamiliar with God and take His acts for granted (Luke 17:18)
    The more familiar we become with God, church, pastor, the less thankful we become.
    Familiarity brings contempt
    If you are going to succeed with God, make up your mind to remain a stranger (Ps. 39:12)
  5. Those who compare themselves with others and fail to see any good God has done for them (2Cor. 10:12)
    Every man’s destiny in God has a unique pathway; don’t compare yourself with anybody. Compare yourself only with your last result.
  6. Those who possess an entitlement mentality
    God does not owe you anything but you owe God everything (Acts 17:28)
  7. Those who overrate personal effort, ability, wisdom or resources.
    As far as they are concerned, they believe their effort, ability, wisdom, connections and resources got them everything they have.
    But there are people with more wisdom, connections, resources, ability etc. that are not where you are or have what you have. It is the mercy of God that has brought you all you have.
    No matter who you know, if God doesn’t help you, you will still be helpless.
  8. Those who are absolutely insatiable
    They permanently think that they deserve more, no matter what God or man has done for them.
    Thank God for where you are, it is the foundation for your next level
  9. Those who are outrightly ungrateful by the combination of pride and senselessness


  1. Whatever God has done is the foundation for what He will do
  2. To forget what God has done is to forfeit what is yet to be done


  1. Appreciation is application for more
  2. God inspects the heart before He impacts the hand
    When your heart is thankful your tank in life will be full
  3. Appreciation brings perfection and completion
  4. Appreciation brings appreciation
    When you appreciate God you have reasons for more appreciation
    When you appreciate God the reason why you are appreciating Him will appreciate (multiply)
    Your life continues to appreciate in value as you appreciate your Maker
  5. Appreciation brings restoration
    When you say thank You to God, He returns to you what the devil took
  6. Appreciation brings distinction
    When you appreciate God, God puts you in a class of your own
  7. Appreciation brings beautification (Ps. 149:1-4)
    Let God beautify, youthify and younginize your life by your appreciation


  1. Appreciate God for what He has done so far (Ps. 103:1-5)
  2. Review what God has said so far (Ps. 62:11; Acts 17:10-11)
  3. Identify immediate actions to take (Hab. 2:2; Acts 9:6)
  4. Keep the fire burning (Lev. 6:12; Rom. 12:11)

Father, thank You for Your Word to us today. To You be all the glory Lord, in Jesus’ Name.

Father, we receive Divine intervention in Nigeria; satan, your agenda in our nation is arrested,
you have no place in Nigeria, in Jesus’ Name

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