(Isaiah 52:11) Depart, depart, go out from there, touch no unclean thing, come out from it and be pure, you who carry the articles of the Lord’s house.

Purity is possessing high level of moral principles. Purity is existence in the character of God. Purity affects how you fair in life. Purity is to fruitfulness what manure is to plant. Purity restrains you from evil and increases your acceleration in life. It is purity that makes you a representative of Christ. When you don’t know what you represent, you represent anything. Purity helps you to maintain dignity. Pure in heart gives you right to pure life. Purity is submission to God. When your life does not submit to God, you cannot be pure in life. Job 2:12-15 talks about little foxes that destroy the vineyard. When a life is not clean, it wages war against unfruitfulness. When you are impure, your fruitfulness is withheld and subsequently terminated.

Lifestyles that sponsor impurity:

  1. Lifestyle of excesses: Doing things in excess is impurity. Excesses turn one’s heart from God. Anything done in excess is in enmity with God. Your lifestyle should reflect the God you serve.
  2. Lifestyle of iniquity: Iniquity is the sin of perversion. It connotes separation from God, which comes from not being pure. Iniquity is deliberately engaging in things that God detests. It is sinning with pride. Pride is the rejection of God’s values and the avoidance of reasoning. Iniquity punctures fruitfulness (see Malachi 3:2)
  3. Lifestyle of sins of the heart: Sins of the heart are hatred, bitterness, anger, jealousy, malice, envy, backbiting, etc. Anyone involved in any these sins is assumed to have temporal madness. Actions taking during these times are usually unwise (see Ecclesiastes 7:9). These are the sins that corrupt the mind and embraces animosity.
  4. Lifestyle of laziness: This is inability to maintain diligence. It is also constant redundancy in the midst of work (see Hebrew 12:16). You cannot be fruitful, if you are lazy.

Child of God, the purer the gold, the better the value. If you want to increase in value and worth, increase in purity. Let your life be pure and no double standard life. Impurity corrupts the value of a man’s fruitfulness. Purge yourself from impurity, if you want to be fruitful. Purity sponsors fruitfulness.

Meditation: If you want to increase in value and worth, increase in purity.

RM: Destiny

Prayer: Lord, help me to maintain purity. Remove double standard life from me so that I can become fruitful in Jesus name, Amen

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