Today’s Word – What Are You Speaking? [18/05/2021]

Bible Text:

Proverbs 12:14

A man will be satisfied with good by the fruit of his mouth,And the recompense of a man’s hands will be rendered to him.

The mouth is a very significant part of the human body which has spiritual significance in the shapening of lives and destinies.

In the beginning God spoke into existence what He wanted to see in reality (Genesis 1), and also in the book of Numbers 14:28, God told the children of Israel, that He would accomplish unto them whatever they speak.

Speaking is becoming, for whatsoever you speak with your mouth, you become. A man shall be satisfied by the fruit of his mouth (Proverb 13:2).

Like the Psalmist, we should ask God for the grace to guard our lips, because our words are the building blocks of our lives.

NOTE: Remember you are always before God, and He will do unto you what proceeds out of your lips.

God bless you, and do have a wonderful day.

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