THE YOUNG MINISTER – Pastor Timothy Bernedict

Anytime I read Mark chapter nine, the lessons therein are akin to what still happens today in ministry.
Jesus was busy attending to issues and an epileptic tormenting devil was ravaging a young boy, his father brought him to Jesus’s disciples and they could not cast the devil out- Jesus had to do it.

Shortly afterwards, on their way, they were scheming and arguing who should be the greatest amongst them, Jesus had to use a child to exemplify to them what it takes to secure divine approval and endorsement. (We will discuss this at a later date). Now the amazing thing was the fact that there were other men who were not part of Jesus’s close disciples but were casting out devils in the authority that Jesus’s name carries and this guys (the disciples) had to go and stop them from casting out the same demons they could not cast out and were excitedly reporting same to Jesus possibly expecting a commendation from Him but they got a rebuke instead.

The quest for positional power robbed them of the quest for spiritual power. Now there are a lot of people today within the church fighting for their ego rather than for the kingdom.

Now listen!
In your ministerial journey, beware of strife with fellow ministers either within or outside your commission if you really desire to do ministry. Beware of getting involved in internal politics, schemings and maneuverings within your commission especially if you’re an associate Pastor. Those who do, may have temporary success at the expense of their ministerial cutting edge. They may feed fat on the spoils of their schemes today but lose the weight of their voices on the spiritual authority scale tomorrow.

You see, real ministry is heart rather than ‘sense’ driven. Whatever affects your heart affects your voice and your spiritual authority. It affects your drive and momentum.

Guard your heart!
Guard your calling!
It’s better to lose a position than to lose authority.
It’s better to be denied human access than to be denied divine endorsement.
It’s better to be called ‘weak’ today by men but engraced by God than to be termed strong today and become ‘bread’ in the spirit.

Beware of those who have turned referees, match commissioners or spectators instead of players.

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